Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Womans Body

The District of Oradea #chillin
What a week!  A slow week unfortunately..Lets explain putin (putin in romanian means little..im not saying we shoukld explain Putin the leader, haha..) #notfunny I hope the title caught your attention! I will explain.

I will give a really broad overview due to the lack of substance to this week.
-At the begining of the week i contacted this nutritionist with Herbalife and got his number and the next day we went to an appointmnent to se what he can do to make me healthier, haha.  We talked for a while and did the health tests and he was amazed.  I had a PERFECTLY HEALTHY BODY...for a woman....So i guess those rumours were true...#jk But he said i need more muscle mass but im still really healthy and he was impressed with our diet choices and stuff.  We wills ee if i gain a little muscle mass but probably not haha.  I like the skinny girly body God gave me X)

-We had Zone conference which was great! The SPirit was super strong and we talked about the Book of Mormon in our missionary work and how to increase its use in all aspects of the work.  It was stellar! #hype

Despair-Then, surprise, the day after the health appointment, i get sick...#ironic #whatislife..#lifeisgood  Fever, headache, restlessness, stomach and intestinal pain..Seemed like the 24 hour flu.  After not sleeping all night, i tried sleeping through my studies but didnt fall asleep untill like 9:00 and i got about an hour of sleep.  I felt ok enough to do some slow and easy missionary work in.  So we went to district meeting and i felt like crap but still continued to go to a place to get food which kinda helped my stomach.  After we arrived hoem for language study, I took a big FAT nap on the couch for like 5 hours..So yeagh..no missionary work that day..I surprisingly was able to fall asleep at a decent-ish hour that night so i was mostly fine the next day.

-Got super offended by a member on Sunday at church...Theres a story about that below *see spiritual thought
On the way to Cluj for Zone Conference

It was a beautiful Preparation day, filled with heat and humidity and all things that just make shopping and missionary work the best part of life #sarcasm We went shopping at the local supermarket, Kaufland.  After shopping we waited at the tramvai stop and we sat down on the bench.  A man walked up and i thought he wanted to sit down or put his big bag on the seat.  So i asked him if he wanted to and he said no.  Then because im an annoying, nosey missionary, i took this as an opportunity to continue the conversation further x) I asked him why he had such a large bag and if he was a student and a bunch of questions.  He was mpressed and loved that we learned Romanian in such a short amount of time.  It was a god ocnversation.  Turns out, he was getting on the same tramvai as us, so we continued talking.  He asked what we thought of the people in Romania and i said that they are really open when they want to be and nice but one thing was bothering me.  He askd what it was and so i said, "well i dont understand why Romanians arnt interested to know why 2 American boys are spending their time in Romania and Moldova for 2 years and paying to be in Romania and wearing white shirts everyday and etc"  And he said "well..I was just wondering that same thing...And id love to hear why right now, you wanna get a drink and we can talk about it?"  #stunned...We of course agreed and talked mroe about who we were and why we were hear, we didnt have enouht time to continue into a more focused message on the Restoration but we came to knwo that he had received a Book of Mormon from a friend in Bucharest who thought he might like it better than him.  #amazing  We got his number and when he coems back from CLuj, we hope to teach him.  He was really cool.  It was a testimony to me that the Lord is preparing people who we dont even know about like Cornelius was prepared by the Lord to  find Peter and Peter found Cornelius.

Spiritual Thought:
Well, this was a tough Sunday, i wont lie.  A Gypsy starts talking to us on the ay to church and its hot and im wearing a suit and hes just being annoying..#theusual  And he asks us to say a prayer and we say a prayer in the middle of the street for him and it was turinging into a really funny story at this point so i was in a funny mood byt he time i got to the church.  I put my bag down and was about to tell one of the sister missionaries the crazy gypsy story and a member (i wotn mention any names..) called all the missionaries over and said "Why didnt you shake my hand?! Why did you just put your bag down and go straight to the sisters?  Dont you know when you come to church you are suppose to greet the members?   And he just kept saying dribble of this nature and stating how bad we were and why were we here and yada yada yada and it was starting to piss me off super bad cuz here was this member who hadnt ever even taken the time to know my name or invite me over for a lesson and who in general is kind of a troll and he is telling the missionaries how to be misisonaries..And so instead of blowing up at him for his ignorance and the rude way of stating his point, i  stormed off and blew off some steam outside.  I come back cuz sacrament was gunna start and i took my seat.  The whole meeting i couldnt stop thinking about how angry he was making me...During the sacrmaent, i started crying and eventually got it all put together.  Then at the end of sacrament, i go to the bathroom and this man is there as i leave and i kinda awkwardly squirm around him avoiding eye contact.  As he takes his seat right before Sunday School, he gets my attention and asks me if i was angry at him and i responded kinda rudely and acted like i didnt undertsnad his question and wanted him to say it in english and then i responded by saying "uh..sure..". And he was offended again and said "Oh..ok..good!" and i was soooo angry at this point..i was gunna hurt this person if he was going to mess with me again..  And im asked to say the opening prayer and he comments and says "Oh good!  Maybe he wont be angry anymore!"  And i just mumble some comment out of my mouth as i stood up..And i said the prayer.
The Sunday continued and i was pretty angry trying to cheer up the whole sunday. A couple other just "add salt to the wound" events kinda happened and i wasnt too happy at the end of Sunday. I was thinking of all the ways i was gunna get back at this member and how i was gunna ignore him for eternity and blah.  But then as i was saying my prayer right before i went to bed and waiting for some rpomptings at the end, i had a thought pop in my mind that made me feel really bad about myself.  This was a  thought i had given to other missionaries previous in my mission due to some contention yet regardless i had found a way to become great friends with them .  "Love people even when it is hard"  And all i could do was kinda tear up and think about how stupid was for reacting in a non Christlike way.  So after that i decided to "pray for mine enemies" and i offered a prayer that would help me to love this member and to help me serve him and i asked God to bless him and his family.  I felt alot better afterwards and remembered another quote from a senior couple Elder Majeran who once told me "Whats the point in being the 1% of people who is angry at someone?"  And i was just really grateful for the Holy Ghost at this point because the Holy Ghost teaches us through our thoughts and speaks to us in many ways and i know without a doubt that this was a way that God and his Holy SPirit were trying to communicate his son.  I am really grateful for the Love that God has shown me and i hope to continue to build this characteristic to better represent Jesus Christ.

Sleepy comps are sleepy 


Just one of the bad things adding to my Sunday x)

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