Monday, August 22, 2016

Dinner and a Show

Me and the gents
-Last week we ran into a member randomly who lives in Spain and was baptized there.  She was so happy to see us na dwe showed her the church and she was so sad it was so small :(  But randomly this week we saw her again right before she left which was good.  She is exactly what romania needs right now.  I hope she comes back here someday.
-I met a guy who lived it Queens NY (#represent) he was wearing a Giants tee and so i had to talk to him!  He was cool and had traveled all over America.  Couldnt convince him to come to church though X)  Oh well.  You win some, you lose some.
Reading outloud in the parc
-We went through the Less Active list and all 3 nights we did it, we found out all of them had moved exceot for one who doesnt come home very often...So that was a little disappointing.  Their neighbors wernt too keen to listen to our message either.  But thats why we are here. To INVITE, not force.
-Met up with a cool Congan black guy named Saya.  We are gunna help him learn english haha.
-FUNNY STORY ALERT:  While getting a drink with Saya, a drunk man decided it would be a good idea to swim in the fountain.  SO he took off all his clothes and started swimming...The police came later and arrested him and put his clothes back on.  #whatislife #dinnerandashow
-stopped by a HUngarian flower festival really quick.  It was pretty globe. #below
-Went on top of the Primaria building and took pics. #below

Spiritual Thought:
Sorry i dont have any good stories to share this week but i am running out of time.  Today i just want to share some experiences i have had on my mission about trying.  This week was a good week for us in terms of lessons.  8 lessons happened and we had 13 planned.  (dont judge in EU,  haha)  But in the extra time we tried being super efficient in terms of finding and we focused on the "lost sheep" as they might be called.  We walked up and down the streets of Oradea endlessly looking for these people.  We began with prayers and asked the Lord to guide us to people.  And in the end, nothing.  Some might say that this is due to many things.  A lack of a God, a lack of faith, a failure to do all that you can, etc.  But the key this week was that we DID do what we were able;  We tried;  We invited people to come unto Christ;  We opened our mouths to those around us; and we came up at the end of the week with only one new investigator and 2 phone numbers.  Compared to other weeks that is SUPER low..But we learn in the scriptures and i know personally that God loves us and gives us trials so we can grow and learn.  During each of these contacting moments my companion and i were able to look back at it and look for ways we can improve and perfect our approaches and finding.  The great thing about this Gospel is that we get credit for trying.  We arnt perfect.  But the Lord knows us and will strengthen us and guide us.
In as much as we are trying to establish the church in our area we will have success as a missionary.

the car they took they naked frat boy in


the cris at night



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