Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Haircuts, MLC, Branch Trip

Hello everyone!  This week was pretty good!  A little slow but we mad up for it on this last monday by scheduling a lot of lessons and starting off the week fantastically!

-Sora Falkenberg cut my hair.  Looks pretty good for an amateur ;)  BUt i can just grow my hair out till the rest of my mission, haha. Dont worry mama!  Teh curls still exist.  The huge fro is gone though.  On the bright side, i wore your lucky shirt, Papa.  #gomets It was a pretty fun ghetto mess.  I forgot to bring a towel..So we used a Justin Bieber pillowcase.  I couldnt find my haircutting scissors, so..paper scissors were used.  And it was a fun experience overal.  #districtbonding

- We had Missionary Leadership Council, which meant we had to wake up at 3am and arrive at bucharest at 7am and then wait int he office till 10am..So it was quite day.  The Taxi driver decided to run his meter from who knows when before he picked us up..So i noticed bythe time we were almost t the office..And i didnt want to fight with him since the drive would get refunded by the office...#life...Ohwell...MLC was great though.  Vaughn Burbage came.  He is a friend of President Ivory's who came and spoke to us last year and he is literally the most positive person on the planet (next to sora Brinkman) ;)  He spoke to us about the importance of gratitude and positivity in  missionary work.  It was a great talkand really helped many of us change our attitude.  We also practiced teaching the restoration.  It was really fun nd he gave a lot of tips on becoming a better teacher. MLC was good also for the reason i got to say goodbye to sdome friends who i wont see till we meet again in 'Merica.  So that was good.

-The sisters in my group go home on Wednesday...Crazy!  That means i only have 6 months left...#life...Goodbye Soras Brinkman, Moon, Mits and Lunt. Hopefully we see eachother again! Thanks for being awesome!

-Saturday we went on an excursion with the branch to the countryside and we also went to a crystal cave.  A smaller version of Kartchner Caverns.  It was fun and good bonding time with the members and district.  #love Got told i was wearing girls clothes by a member..I wont memntion any names..i will just try to love them..#toughlove

Spiritual Thought:
I dont have much to say this week unfortunately but being in Oradea has realy been a test of patience in many ways.  Many new thingsthat im not used to and im learning to be diligent and powerful in new and exciting ways.  I know God is helping me in as much as i try. I really want this lst 6 montsh to be me giving my all!  I know that the Lord will help me inthis effort to consecrate my efforts and serve him with all my "might mind and strength"  that i can become a greater instrument in His hands.

Thugz #helmets

I saw a pillar of light

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