Monday, August 8, 2016

The Hand of the Lord

A great week 'twas!  I was challenged this week to look for the Hand of the Lord each day and that caused me to be even more grateful for The Lord and all that He does for us.  Get ready for a lot of reading!  Sorry guys..I just have a few good things to share :)

The week was kinda slow but filled with many good experiences.  So i guess we will just say that although the work was slow the blessings of the Lord were unhindered. :)

-Elder Hellewell and i decided to try contacting at the Beer Festival.  The music was really loud, traditional music..So we stayed for about 10 minutes and left..didnt work like we thought it would..missions arnt always filled with good things X)

-We tried contacting at a free outdoor movie event for a movie called Selfless and because we got lost we didnt get there till after it started..So our idea was to show them the BoM video on our little video players before the movie started but that failed..We stayed to cathc like 5 minutes of the movie and saw that it wasnt a good use of time so we started our journey home and it started POURING!  Just random summer rains i guess #hype It came down! Another example of some minor disappointments..But they wont get us down!

-We taught about the BoM in our english class during the spiritual thought time and we gave out a lot of tracts.  It was a great spiritual thought!

-Went district contacting which led to STORY 1. It was fun and we had a blast talking to people

-Pretended that i was Jesus and Elder Hellewell was Peter and i gave him crap throughout the week and quoted scriptures that applied to what we were doing. That was a pretty fun way to get our comp unity going ;)

-Went to an Herbalife fitness session. It was super awk and kinda weird...Lots of older people..So probably wont go too often..

Story 1: 
So our district decided to go district contacting meaning we did a finding activity as a district.  It was super fun.  Sora Falkenberg and i brought our Ukeleles and jammed a little and we brought our video flyers to show people the Book of Mormon video and we brought the BoM tracts and a bunch of random materials.  After wandering about "not knowing beforehand the things which (we) should do" we found ourselves in the parc.  We layed down our materials on a bench and started the session.

We started out with trying to dare eachother to do things to talk to people and we each got a couple good contacts.  The sisters found a couple really cool girls and we found some cool bros.

I walked up to this group of boys and asked them if they knew about the Book of Mormon and they said no.  So i told them i came from America to tell them about this book and i showed them the video.  Afterwards i was able to talk about it and show them how to use it and shared some scriptures and it was super cool.  It didnt feel weird at all.  I gave 2 of the kids the tracts with sections from the Bom in it and then i gave one of them the actual copy cuz we didnt have too many to give away.  I commited them to read it and set up to talk about it later and we got their number and hope to grab a drink and talk about it this next week #hype
After that i did the same kind of approach and talked to this group of girls.  We were able to give them some tracts and talk about the BoM and again it felt so normal.  At the end when i was getting their number and asking to meet up again and talk about it i called over the sisters and had them get the number once they agreed #tricky #flirttoconvert  They were pretty chill.  It feels so great to talk to people about the gospel!

Story 2: 
After an english class, a student named Alex and his wife and their friend Jane asked my companion Elder Hellewell about what we were going to share for the next spiritual thought and he told them "Well, the Book of Mormon probably"  and they decided to inquire more about it.  Seeing that this teaching situation was already talking place, i decided to be the 2nd missionary and declare His word by the mouth of a second witness.  We ended up teaching them a powerful Restoration lesson. It started out really rough.  They are really faithful Pentecostals and know the Bible pretty well and in order to have them understand some of the things we were saying we had to re define some words for them like: profets, authority, apostasy, etc so that they would understand it when we talk about it.  THey said that they agreed with everything that we talked about and they were impressed (more so of my companion) of our kowledge of the scriptures (his knowledge, haha).  It was a very powerful lesson and we were able to give them a BoM and we hope to meet with them again and discuss about what they read.  We didnt feel likthey would accept a baptismal invitation but we did share personal experiences from ou baptisms and our conversions to the gospel. The Spirit worked through us so well.  Such a great lesson! #HoL2

Story 3:
So we have an investigator named Levi who has had troubles coming to church and such things.  He has only ever atteneded District conference once and that was it. Before we had a really good lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we felt like he just isnt showing enough of a commitment so we decided that our next lesson would be a test of his commitment and if it just wasnt there, then we would have to "break up" with him #haha.  So we had a lesson just discussing his interests and why and it actually went a lot better than we thought.  He had atually re established to us his interest and we told him the importance of coming to church and promised some good blessings and focused so much on it.  We invited him to come to church and he gave the same answer as usual "no promises" but again we testified of its importance and he said he would try.
We were so reluctant to see him onthe way to church on Sunday!  It was a good testimony meeting and he said he enjoyed it (especially cuz it wasnt too long, haha.  i cant imagine goingback to 3 hours of church again...) Then we started sunday school (after som unprofessional confusion and disagreeing of whether or not it was a joined week for sunday school or a split week for Relief Society and Priesthood..)  But it worked out well.  The lesson was on ordinances in the temple and family history.  At first i was skeptical.  I was thinking "Oh great..We have investigators here and they are gunna talk about Baptisms for the Dead, and endowments and all the things that freak people out.."  But it actually turned out to be a fulfilment of our promises we made to Levi.  We remembered that 3 weeks ago he had questions about Baptisms for the Dead and various means of salvation for those that had passed away and never heard the gospel.  And those questions were answered by the memebrs and the textbook and Levi at the end said he enjoyed the meeting.  It was a wonderful miracle! #HoL3

Spiritual Thought:
I know i have already talked about this but in the Doctrine and Covenants 50:13-14, The Lord asks a question, a very great question that i ask myself all the time now.  "Unto what were ye ordained?"  This question is a great missionary question.  In other words "for what purpose were called to serve a mission" or "why did you decide to serve a mission"  or "why were you called as a missionary"?  And in verse 14 we learn why we are here.  "to preach my gospel by the Spirit even the Comforter which was sent forth to teach the truth".  This verse helps me to rmemeber why i served a mission.  To talk to people about the gospel!  This verse gives the motivation to not just wimp out and talk to people about english classes and Arizona, volunteering in Romania and Moldova,  America and Donald Trump and yada yada ya.  It givesme the courage to say " Im a missionary for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints and im here to share a message that will change your life."  This verse reminds me of the power and authority that you carry as a missionary.  In Preach my Gospel we learn that "you have authority to preach the gospel" we learn that we have divine authority from God to declare His word amongst this land and unto every creature.  We learn that this gospel will change peoples lives and we need to share it with people.
As a missinay, you carry the special mantle to go forth boldy and to teach testify and invite.  I will never get this opportunity again and therefore i need to take advantage of the short aount of ime left i have to carry this mantle and bear His name as an offical representative of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Special Announcement:
Ok everyone! Get this!  So we had the great opportunity to hear from Elder Ballard of the Quorrum of the Twelve Apostles during the Christmas season and that was a great blessing for Romania and Moldova.  But now, our missin gets the rare opportunity to meet another well known LDS member.  President Dieter F Uchtdorf of the First Presidancy!  He is re dedicating the Frieberg Germany templeandafterwards he will make a special visit to Bucharest and give a special message to the Members here.  And even better, our all mission conference is that same week and he is going to speak to all the missionaries here and we will personally get to meet him!!  It is an exciting time to be a missionary everyone and especially in the blessed lands of Romania and Moldova.  #awesome  #HoL4

Next time you guys judge my spelling mistakes remember that the keyboards and computers im using are from theyear 1800...

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