Monday, September 26, 2016

Sick em boyeee!

Hello World!  Nothing much to say again this week.  It was a slow week but it FLEW!

-Got threatened to be "sicked on" by this guys HUUUGE dog if we didnt leave the bloc..I really wanted to say some not so nice things back but i held my tongue...#grrrr
-We were let into a ladies house to do our survey and she was making soup but she ended up not being interested and standoffish
-We met a really cool guy who is a musician and we talked about the gospel and the Book or Mormon and i tired to get some contact information a few times but he kept dodging X)  #grrr x2 I hope he comes to church
-We got bunged..aloooooooot pretty much everyday...
-Endless hours of finding new people and talking but yielding no fruits really this week..lots of cool people but no return appointments

One interesting miracle happened this week.  So, i was pretty sad byt he end of the week realizing that we didnt have very much evidence of our hard work this week and i was down.  And we decided to make millions of calls throught he area book since we havnt gone through any of the old old old records in awhile.  And since im training, i had to do all the calls :/  So that made my energy go super down.  But i powered through it.  Again, lots of not interested, no response, number chnaged, the whole schabang.  But at the end, i got a random call from a number i hadnt called.  She just answeres the phone and says "yes, what do you want"  and i said "hello, i dont know what i called me..."  She said that i had called another number of hers and she asked who i was looking for and i told her i didnt know cuz i literally had millions of records in front of me....So i listed few names.  And i told her i was a missionary and wanted to share a message with her and her husband.  She said her husband lives in france now and taht she was actually interested and wanted to come to church.  So i got her contact info and told her the hours and everything she says she hopes to come next week.  So that was my Hand of the Lord moment for this week. I hope she comes next week.

Spiritual Thought:
I have learned so much that being positive is a key to missionary work.  We are more able to hear the promptings of the Spirit if we have a clear and clean mind.  We took this mentality to work this weeka nd tried being positive about rejection.  We would ask people if they knew someone else who would be interested and we would thank them in our minds for not "wasting our time" if they wernt prepared to hear our message.  And we also would pray wherever we were if we felt like we needed to be reguided.  And we were able to find people who talked to us and wanted to hear more.  Even if it didnt "yield any fruit" it was not a wasted effort and we are showing the Lord that we are ready to "thrash the nations byn the power of His Spirit".

Super tired..#peace

Monday, September 19, 2016

Szia! Én misszionárius vagyok!

The District
Hello everyone!  As the title suggests, i tried picking up a tiny amount of Hungarian so as to stop people from pretending they dont speak romanian. But its waaayyy harder than i wont get too far..  X)  And its fun to try to tell people im trying ot learn hungarian and tell them why.  TO TEACH HE GOSPEL TO THEM BETTER! 

So not too much to report on.  This is gunna be a short post. 

-Made some no-bake cookies for our member lessons #yum
-talked with the members about their experiences at the tenmple and it was so good to hear how their testimonies were strenghtened.
-Tried setting off lanterns fro a sisters birthday..That failed...They caught fire in front of alot of people who sat there and laughed at us. X)
-Lots of rain this week

Spiritual Thought:
We shared a spiritual thought with our english class that also we found applicable to the members in our  branch.   We were studying and trying to find a scripture to talk about Gods love but we didnt want to just keep talking about the same old things that we always use to express how we see Gods lvoe in our life.  Such as profets or prayer or families. 
And so my comp said we should share Eter 12:27.  And i read it and thought..Well..This doesnt talk about anything that shows Gods love for us..And then Elder Trottier and i disscussed and realized that God gives us all weaknesses and loves us so much that he shows us where we lack.  He shows us so we can progress and become more llike him.  Many people think that when something hard comes or an imperfection they have is more like a curse but it is almost the opposite.  ITs God trying o show us where we need to improve.  Just like at school, if the teacher didnt give you a grade, you wouldnt know how well you did and what you need to learn for the big test. 
I know God gives us our weakness cuz he loves us and i know that if we work on those weakness that they will be made strong in as much as we come unto christ.


Din Din with the peeps


Our bloc was repainted :0

Monday, September 12, 2016

Boldness with Love #ChristsWay

Hey everyone!  A   STELLAR  week it was! We had the opportunity to listen to President Dieter F Uchtdorf!  Which i could talk about forever.  But seeing as my posts are already so long...I wont...

-Shook hands with Prez Uchtdorf and took a photo with him and the mission #neverwashingit
-Went to Busteni to go to a museum and get dinner at a really fancy restaurant! #yum
-Went to lunch at a realy nice italian restaurant #yummyyum
-Hung out in Brasov and met some cool backpackers and talked to them about how to backpack haha.  They were cool and we got a selfie with them
-Got carsick on like all the busrides...but its all good. #life
my lineage shall run strong
-got to see all my friends fromt he mission and some of them it will be the last time i see them for a long time :(  But till we meet again.  #vasalut
-loved life
-The devo with Pres Uchtdorf was life changing.  #nuffsaid
-took Elder Trottier Bloc Knocking/Cioc-cioc/tracting.  Theres a story below.
-joggers ;) #suitpants

 So in the Uchtdorf conference we learned many things and it pumped us up on life!  We were reminded that we have a message of love!  And that we need to positive and loving as we share it with BOLDNESS.
Elder Trottier and I tested this out and had great success. We roleplayed a door approach telling them we are representatives of Jesus Christ and have a message to share about him and practiced sharing the BoM using the pictures in the front and inviting them to read and come back later. That preparation payed off.

We decided to go tracting in a block and we prayed to be led to the right bloc. I had the impression to take the tramvai two stops and cross the street and try the blocs in that neighborhood. We felt strange because there were blocs right next to the stop but we decided to listen and cross the street and walk a long way to the bloc system. The first group of blocs no one let us in. And we searched for some more and finally when we arrived at some more, we arrived there when another family walked in. So we were able to get in.

We started at the top and said another prayer to ease any fear we had. And no one let us in..Many rude responses and kind ones as well. But it wasnt until the last door. (as always) That a young man said we could share, so we built the courage to just walk into that house (literally) and sat down and taught our message and invited him to read and said a kneeling prayer at the end. We felt so good afterwards and were impressed with our boldness and the blessing the Lord had given us. But as Pres Uchtdorf taught "Dont inhale it" Its not us it was the Lords power and through him that we did this.

We decided to be diligent and tried another bloc and we met another gentleman outside the bloc and he said he wasnt interested but Elder Trottier taught him the lesson we roleplayed anyway and did great! And the guy seemed somewhat interested and took a copy at the end and we got his number.
On the way out we decided to try another bloc and just THRASH the neighborhood with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and on the way to the other bloc, my companion said "Good evening" to a lady waiting for her bus and she stopped us and we talked to her.  She was wanting to come to our english classes and she showed us pics of her daughter and granddaughter in New Jersey.  We got ont he bus with her and continued talking and got her number at the end.  We felt good about ourselves and it was getting late so we rushed home and were glad about the diligence we showed and the loving boldness we exercised.
These people were put in our path because we asked Heavenly Father for his divine help and we learn in the scriptures, if we ask, we will receive.  And this was a testimony builder for me of this divine truth.  The Lord blessed us for our diligence and hardwork and excitement about this work.

Spiritual Thought:
I had a great opportunity ot ponder over the words said to us by an Apostle and prephet of the Lord.  One thing stuck out to me as i pondered that night in the hotel.  Loving Boldness. What is that?  How can i love people and still be bold?  Are they still oging to like me?  IS that ok?  yada yada ya.  I kept pondering that and thinking of examples.  IN a talk we read by President D Uchtdorf, we saw the example of a fantastic missionary who loved the people and gave his everything to the work and saw much success as being a bold representative of Christ.  And i thought to myslf of examples of people like that in my life.  And the first thing that came to my mind was the example of a great friend and mother figure in my life.
As a result of the love she showed for me and this gospel, she boldy declared and testified as a disciple of Jesus Christ should.  And that loving boldness propelled my life into an unknown and wonderful plane.  I mean in romania now....#fudge  Those acts of bolness and love changed many peoples lives and caused many souls to be touched, not just mine.  So it was a testimony to me that you can never be too bold if you are showing your love.  You can change lives through your love, in the least you can plant a seed.  And this is a goal to look for in my mission, to plant seeds of loving kindness and joy for this message which we carry that Jesus Christ Lives.

#sweg #thuglife

Peles castle



#besties4life #bae

#besties4life #dontbeawk

#besties4life #bae2

Monday, September 5, 2016

Just Swing #golf #lostsheep

Elder Trottier
Well training round 2 is great!  My comp is Elder Trottier from Bountiful Utah.  HE is great and we work really well together.  Im glad to know my family line will run strong for many generations in the mission ;)

-We went to Bucharest to do trainers meetings and they were really good.  I felt the Spirit and i was energized and ready to be trainer.
-ME and Elder Blaylock (the assitant) #trumpets went to our missions Cismigiu ceremony and on the way we decided to contact.  He is a boss and we talked ot this lady and tried to invite her to the ceremony.  She wasnt interested but was still really nice.  The ceremony was nice as well and from the moment i saw Elder Trottier, i was pretty sure i was getting him.  And strange enough thats what everyone in their group thought too X)  I guess it was just pretty obvious.
-Had the Frieberg temple Cultural Celebration.  That was fantastic and it was weird to hear Prez Uchtdorf speak German.
-I got tazed.  It was fun.  I would put a vid on here but i will just let yall ask me about it to see who actually reads this ;)
-Had the Frieberg Temple Dedication and it was weird to see Elder BEDNAR speak german...#wtf  Well that was really cool.  We had all the missionaries in the zone come down and it was like a mini zone conf.  #yay  We ate sandwhiches afterwrads and did contacting together.  We contacted the world!
-We have been trying ot invite the world to this transmisision with Prez Uchtodorf.  It is gunna be soooo sweet!  I cant wait!  #tonight!
-We met some Lutheran missionaries from Utah.  They were super cool and i really thought what they were doing was cool.  We had a joke around talking to them to.  Elder Trottier and I were taking turns talking to people and it was his turn. I said look at thos guys they look like they would receive the gospel.  And they are like Biekrs with tattoos and sunglasses and super thug.  And Elder Trottier is thinking about what he was going to doa dn was kinda scared and he said really?  And i said, yes we fear no men!  And he almost didnt do it and as we walked passed them he asked them about the survey and they replied in English and he looks at me (like int he best wto years) and said what did he say?  And it processed tha he spoke in english haha X)  And we had a great convo!  What would have happened if we just walked passed them?  

Story 1:
 This is the first lost sheep story for the week.  Elder Trottier and I decided to go find some less actives.  The first one we get to ends up not living there.  We were kinda bummed cuz he was far away and we came so far and had no tramvai pass so we had to walk home.  But on the way there this guy calls out to us and so we go and talk to him and he said hi while drinking his beer.  And the conversation continued and we realized he had met the missionaries before and we asked him if would be interested in hearing the missionary discussions again.  He said yes and we got his number.  We were blown away and so grateful for the opportunity have someone put in our path. 

Story 2:
So Elder Trottier and i have been trying many various types of finding new investigators.  And during one attempt ot find some less active memebers and investigators we had a great experience.  So i dont think i mentioned this in the previous weeks so let me give some update.
So a few weeks ago me and the wonderful Elder Hellewell go to find a less active member.  HE lives rally far away and we didnt know any bus routes there so we walked all the way there.  It took not too long only like an hour.  We get to the block and i had a weird feeling.  We are standing right outside his bloc and i tell elder hellewell that i dont think we should knock.  I had a feeling that it was one of the less actives on the list that said that he was dangerous or something.  So we decided to say a prayer and i felt a very distinct go home impression.  So we did.  Hoping that maybe there was a reason, i was looking forward to talking ot someone on the way home who might be prepared for the gospel.  But one was on the riverside...#life.  ANd we got home and i saw that there was nothing wrong with him according to our memeber list...So i was really bummed that we seemingly wasted so much time.
Hes a thug so he deserves to be my son
Fast forward a few weeks.  Now me and Elder Trottier go to the same less active house after being on the OPPOSITE side of the city and no tramvai passes...That was a LOOONG WALK. (but worth it) #promise  So we finally get to this members house and knock on his door and are pretty upfront with him cuz we dont know what to expect.  We tell him we are misisonaries and want to make acquaintance with him and share a short message.  He let us in and it was the first time he spoke with missionaries for a while.  It started kinda awkward cuz my video player died as soon as the video started.....Which was good cuz my companion and i had to rely on the spirit to teach.  My comp (remmebr that this is his first day...) started asking him some great questions nd bearing awesome testimony about basic gospel principles like coming to church and reading the scriptures.  I was amazed and felt the spirit so strong.  It was a good visit.
I was so confused  at this point cuz i know i had a prompting to not visit this man a few weeks ago..Why ?  HE is great.  Then as we got into conversation we realized that his wife is super Anti.  And she is kinda mean to the missionaries.  We happened to stop by just now before she got home so he let us in.  He said if she was here that he wouldn't let us in.  So he gave us the schedule of when she is and isnt home.  And i was amazed.  She would get home at around 8 every night.  And byt he time we go to his house the other week was 8:35.  So..She was home.  And i all of a sudden felt super amazed and grateful for the spirit.  I know tha the spirit guides us and helped us to establish a connection with one of the Lords lost sheep.

Spiritual Thought:
Our mission has been focusing so much on the story of Elder Strong.  Long story short, he is a missionary who consecrated his two year mission o the Lord and was amazing.  Our mission is focusing on becoming Elder Strong.  And recently another misisonary gave us a copy of one other missionarys side of the elder strong story and it blew me away how dedicated this elder was.  It literally has changed how i look at situations.  And my goal for myself is to more fully dedicate this remaining two months.  I know tha the Lord will help me not only get a "whole in one"  but to just get at it and swing.  Sometimes we just need to stop thinking so much and just do.  With the golfer analogy, there was this golfer who really loved golf but hated having ot think about the million things that go into swinging.  So his coch said i dont care where the ball goes, get out there and just swing.  ANd it is the same with missionary work.  TALK TO EVERYONE YOU CAN.  Have no fear and just doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith.  This principle i have been utilizing more and more on my mission and i continue to see more and more miracles when i remember that i am not only a child of God but i am also a Disciple of Jesus Christ called to preach His word.