Monday, September 26, 2016

Sick em boyeee!

Hello World!  Nothing much to say again this week.  It was a slow week but it FLEW!

-Got threatened to be "sicked on" by this guys HUUUGE dog if we didnt leave the bloc..I really wanted to say some not so nice things back but i held my tongue...#grrrr
-We were let into a ladies house to do our survey and she was making soup but she ended up not being interested and standoffish
-We met a really cool guy who is a musician and we talked about the gospel and the Book or Mormon and i tired to get some contact information a few times but he kept dodging X)  #grrr x2 I hope he comes to church
-We got bunged..aloooooooot pretty much everyday...
-Endless hours of finding new people and talking but yielding no fruits really this week..lots of cool people but no return appointments

One interesting miracle happened this week.  So, i was pretty sad byt he end of the week realizing that we didnt have very much evidence of our hard work this week and i was down.  And we decided to make millions of calls throught he area book since we havnt gone through any of the old old old records in awhile.  And since im training, i had to do all the calls :/  So that made my energy go super down.  But i powered through it.  Again, lots of not interested, no response, number chnaged, the whole schabang.  But at the end, i got a random call from a number i hadnt called.  She just answeres the phone and says "yes, what do you want"  and i said "hello, i dont know what i called me..."  She said that i had called another number of hers and she asked who i was looking for and i told her i didnt know cuz i literally had millions of records in front of me....So i listed few names.  And i told her i was a missionary and wanted to share a message with her and her husband.  She said her husband lives in france now and taht she was actually interested and wanted to come to church.  So i got her contact info and told her the hours and everything she says she hopes to come next week.  So that was my Hand of the Lord moment for this week. I hope she comes next week.

Spiritual Thought:
I have learned so much that being positive is a key to missionary work.  We are more able to hear the promptings of the Spirit if we have a clear and clean mind.  We took this mentality to work this weeka nd tried being positive about rejection.  We would ask people if they knew someone else who would be interested and we would thank them in our minds for not "wasting our time" if they wernt prepared to hear our message.  And we also would pray wherever we were if we felt like we needed to be reguided.  And we were able to find people who talked to us and wanted to hear more.  Even if it didnt "yield any fruit" it was not a wasted effort and we are showing the Lord that we are ready to "thrash the nations byn the power of His Spirit".

Super tired..#peace

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  1. Tough week! Rejection is hard to take but has always been part of the missionary experience. Don't take it personally. People don't like to change, especially not their beliefs. But you never know what effect your words and positive,caring attitude will have on them in the future. Hang in there and look for the positive experiences-nice people, interesting sights, new places. Love you and miss you!