Monday, September 19, 2016

Szia! Én misszionárius vagyok!

The District
Hello everyone!  As the title suggests, i tried picking up a tiny amount of Hungarian so as to stop people from pretending they dont speak romanian. But its waaayyy harder than i wont get too far..  X)  And its fun to try to tell people im trying ot learn hungarian and tell them why.  TO TEACH HE GOSPEL TO THEM BETTER! 

So not too much to report on.  This is gunna be a short post. 

-Made some no-bake cookies for our member lessons #yum
-talked with the members about their experiences at the tenmple and it was so good to hear how their testimonies were strenghtened.
-Tried setting off lanterns fro a sisters birthday..That failed...They caught fire in front of alot of people who sat there and laughed at us. X)
-Lots of rain this week

Spiritual Thought:
We shared a spiritual thought with our english class that also we found applicable to the members in our  branch.   We were studying and trying to find a scripture to talk about Gods love but we didnt want to just keep talking about the same old things that we always use to express how we see Gods lvoe in our life.  Such as profets or prayer or families. 
And so my comp said we should share Eter 12:27.  And i read it and thought..Well..This doesnt talk about anything that shows Gods love for us..And then Elder Trottier and i disscussed and realized that God gives us all weaknesses and loves us so much that he shows us where we lack.  He shows us so we can progress and become more llike him.  Many people think that when something hard comes or an imperfection they have is more like a curse but it is almost the opposite.  ITs God trying o show us where we need to improve.  Just like at school, if the teacher didnt give you a grade, you wouldnt know how well you did and what you need to learn for the big test. 
I know God gives us our weakness cuz he loves us and i know that if we work on those weakness that they will be made strong in as much as we come unto christ.


Din Din with the peeps


Our bloc was repainted :0

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  1. Nice color! Buildings are so colorful in Europe. Who decides what color to use?

    Miss you, bud! Don't become too used to Romanian and hugs.