Monday, October 31, 2016

Flannels, Wood, Jesus

-Service at a members house moving their wood to their lawn off the street.  That made me sore the next few days..Huge pieces of wood that made me feel like a scottish lumberjack..
-Our memebr Sora Stoian who has been in Bucharest the last 2 weeks finally came back and we got her flowers and loved the pup's outta her.  We missed her so much!
-We played improv games for english class in the advanced class.  That was fun.  It made me miss Elder Brundage though :(
-On the way to Zone conference in Cluj, we talked to the taxi driver and got his number and gave him a BoM.  He was pretty cool.  :)
-tried learning HUngarian this week.  FYI, its suuuuuuuuupppeeeeerrrr hard....Life...It makes me grateful to be able to speak romanian...
-One of our Potentials, Florin, we taught the restoration to him on the way to our house.  Hopefully he prays to know and see the truth for himself.
the rare smile pic
-We tried making sarmale...NOt enough spice..It tasted like porc in cabbage...plain food+plain food= plain time we will do better...
-We participated in theis social experiement happening in Centre.  We had to make eye contact with strangers and hold it for a few minutes.  Thats easy for us...We do more awkward things...I also got interviewed afterwards X)  #Famous The funny part was, we first were paired with these 2 young girls and just sat there talking and then staring and all of a sudden, President Ivory walks behind us and sees what we are doing...Caught in the act! Not really..i didnt feel judged X)  It was weird though having your mission prez just walk up behind you while oyu are with two young girls...
-It is Ziua Mortilor today and lots of people went to the countryside this last weekend cuz trhey work today.  They went and payed their respects to their ancestors graves and that meant that liek no one was in town to talk to and that no one came to english class...Except the old retired people...#yay..
flowers for mama
-We had a recent convert fromt he Dominican Republic move in to the branch with her non member husband.  She kinda speaks english and he barely does.  She speaks spanisha dn he speaks hungarian and romanian pretty well...So we dont know how they fell in love...But we hope to teach the husband and that they will assimilate intot hre branch regardless of the language barrier..IT will be a sight to see for sure.
-We met some random black guys from Phoenix AZ!  They were led by the Lord to Romania they said and they go around and look for people to help and pray where they are.  It was strange but super cool at the same time.  They shgared some experiences where the Lord provided for them and they bore pretty cool testimonies of the Goodness of God.  #chill  AZ represent!

on the way to cluj
Zone Conference Knowledge:
-We talked alot about thinking of the "who" we can touch, influence, help each day.  This is a habit that will help us be an intrument throughout our lives as missionaries and members of the church.  If we are mindful of others and prayerful in who we can help, the Lord will guide us to those that are prepared or are in need of our succor.
-Rise to a new sense of commitment and lay your sins and weaknesses on the altar of sacrifice.  Through our faith and trust in the Lord, if we lay our sins and weaknesses on the altar, God will make those things become strong.  I have seen that in my mission with many fears and weaknesses i had throughout my mission and now i look at them as strenght sor atleast improved.  THe Lord is great!
-Thrust in your sickle with your might and our sins will be forgiven and we will have that joy of being a servant of the Lord.   We have to give it all we can till the end of the race and we collapse.  I wanna faint when i get off that airplane knowing that i gave my all to the Lord.
-I had a really good interview with President Ivory.  I expressed how much i wanted to stay in Romania and progress and fel the great joy i have had these last two years.  I was balling so much X) #babyboy I dont wanna go back!  But we talked it through and some other problems i was having and he helped me a lot.  I klove the Lord and htis opportunity i have been given to serve Him!

Spiritual Thought:
  "I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing....If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you." John 15:5,19

We learn so much from John 15!  It is a great section for missionaries!  But these two verses stuck out to me a lot this week.  We have to have Jesus Christ in our thoughts and to follow His commandments.  If we do, then we have His promise to have Him by our side.  How cool is that!  The Saviour of the world will help us to accomplish His miracles and be instruments.  And as a result, we will yiled much fruit.

The second half reminds me of something Elder Boom said at our mission conference.  He told us not to take offense to the way people treat you.  Rememebr to love them as Jesus would have.  They wouldnt act that way if you didnt have the tag of your call and you wernt preaching the song of redeeming love.

As missionaries, we are to strive to be like Jesus and to do as He would do.  We were set apart to accomplish a great work and a glory and we cant do that if we are of the world.  And as a result, the world often says that we are weird or stupid or extreme.  But the Lord told the church this truth thousands of years ago.
We have to continue in faith and know that The Lord loves us and will help us accomplish great things!

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interviews X)

Monday, October 24, 2016

How Was Your Day? Was it Nice?

thuggin it with my toy bird
Well im running out of time so i cant really tell any of the stories.  I will give a little detail but not too long of a story.
-My birthday was great!  Thanks for all those who participated!  I got some pizza and went shopping.  #ooooDa
- Mini Story 1: Elder Trottier was flooded with promptings on Tuesday.  We went to go buy Sarmale ingredients and asked some more people on the subject and we ended up having a few nice conversatons with some families.  We didnt get into anyof their homes but we invited them and asked for referalls which was our challenge to do this week.
- Mini Story 2: Asked some young dudes where a music store is and they led us all over the city and we finally found it adn the whole time we are getting to know them.  Elder Trottier actually gets the other kids number and he was interested in learning more about us.  So that was pretty michelin #misto #linistit
-I didnt sleep at all on tuesday night..Some weird fevery flu thing...So i slept till noon the next day and had a kinda sick day.  We still did work though.  Taught some lessons and met with some peeps.  Ya gotta keep goin when called to do His work!
-Did a service activity making little toys for children.
-We went to thsi English Club thing and they were debating Homeschooling vs traditional schooling and we gave our American opinions cause we actually know what it is like to see homeschooled students and stuff..
-Started some college applications....NOOOOOO!! I hate real life...

Bday Pizza.
Spiritual Thought:
 So i had a cool revelation this week. So yall know Helaman 5:12 (if you didnt, dont worry, i had to look it up on just now cuz i really suck at rememebring where scriptures are....)

And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty storm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall.

And i had a random mini imagination dream right before i fell asleep about this.  I was on a rocky cliff next to an ocean and all of a sudden a big storm came and everything got dark.  The storm forced me to the ground and i was being blown by the wind a lot and i didnt move. But i realized i was in a lot of pain.  Think about it, when you are being pushed against a rock and all this crap is getting thrown at you and stuff, you are proabbly gunna bang your head and hurt yourself and you will think "well maybe i should go move to the sand cuz it might not be so hard and so on and so forth. 

So i turned this to our life and thought how cool that is!  It is hard to be a disciple sometimes and i can testify that my 3 years of being a member have been the hardest 3 years of my life.  But also the most rewarding and most worthwhile.  Even if it is hard at times, if we remain firm on our Rock and Redeemer, everything will work for good. 

and day was nice :)
im a toy maker but dont make toys for me #cumorah

Service activity making toys


Monday, October 17, 2016

Gusto Challenge

thuglife got real #service
Well hey everyone!  This week was quite da bomb.  My young little boy misses his mama (mission mama) and so we have been working htrough that ;)  But we are doin quite swell and it has been a great week!  GEt ready for 2 stories this week :0

-We received a lot of contacts this week from people.  We started doing a lot of english lessons for people and that has kinda hit hard with people and they refer their friends like crazy.  So that is super fun. 
-We taught a lesson to this guy named Claudiu who is super cool and invited us to his house.  Him and his BAE are super chill and asked us so many questions about why we are here and what we are doing.  #explained
-We started the Oradea District Choir practices this last wednesday.  So we are going to have members form the whole zone come up and sing a big Christmas concert.  Unfortunately i dont think i will be here :(  But we will see. We will sing songs in english, romanian and hungarian.  Itll be quite the sight to see :)
-We got bunged aloooot this week...Like almost every other lesson..So our lesson count was pretty low...But thats life i guess..#agency
-Met this cool girl from Iasi who helped us wiht our romanian and was really fun to talk to.  The sisters contacted her and she wanted to meet us.  So we met up and she was super chill. Missing already. :(
-Our church service was really small in persons but large in Spirit.   It was a really good sacrament service and i felt the Spirit super strong.  I loved it!
-Went  to a car show and met some cool swedish people.  They were as chill as humans can be.  #fun\
-Did service for a member here.  He wanted us to fix his broken shed roof...completely broken...We had to replace the beams with wooden planks and spare wooden pieces to last him until he gets money in a few months for the roof...quite the dangerous adventure...But super fun.  Reminded me of a science or math class.
-And last of all, im 21.  So i can drink now in America.  #cheers #noroc

Story 1:
We started this new district goal of setting our conversations each night during planning and when we are going to do them.  So we had 2 really cool experiences happen as a result.  Saturday night we set a goal to plan for 1 person to talk to on the way to church or at church.  And no one was outside when we were on our way to church....But the Lord decided to be merciful (as always) and blessed us with one person outside the church building.  A friend of a member who has come many times before.  I tried getting his number so many times before and setting up with him but to no avail...Today, however, we had a really good convo with him (Atilla is his name) and set up to talk about how our church started.  We got his number and we are super stoked.  When you show the Lord you want His will to be yours, then He will bless you for that effort.

Story 2:
We decided to set a goal to talk to two people during a finding session and said a prayer and left the apartment.  We didnt get any convos for a long time.  We tried what we could and thought of ideas..but nothing.. Eventually near the end of the session, i had the isdea come to mind to talk to these 2 older ladies walking towards us.  So i aslo had the idea to ask them for the best recipe in Romania.  And they told us Sarmale was and we had a great convo about who we are and what we are doing. Also they taught us how to make sarmale.  Even better!  Not wanting hte contact to end like we never tlaked to them, i aksed them if we made the sarmale if we could bring it to them so they could try it.  And they accepted and gave us their number.  We told them we would try to make it this week and bring it to them to taste.  So that was super funa dn a great blessing from the Lord to guide us by the spirit.

Spiritual Thought:
I have pondered alot about Christlike attributes this week.  I have pondered how i can respond to things that are shocking or things that might make me angry or sad.  I feel like i have had many opportunities on my mission to become sad and give up on the work or not even try and let my anger or sandess conquer me.  And i have learned from sad experience that that doenst help me at all. 
This last week i was led to read in John 8:1-11.  this story amazes me.  The pharisees try to trick jesus but he ends up teaching them a lesson that im sure many of them will never forget.  "He that is without sin among you, let him cast his stone first".  Here are a bunch of "faithful" people and they are ridiculing a woman for the mistakes she has made.  And Jesus askes them to look at themselves first.  Or as he says: "Judge not that ye be not judged".  Then afterwards, he forgives this woman who betrayed the love she should have had for the Saviour and his commandments.  Something that im sure hurts him inside and makes him disappointed.  But he forgives her and helps her and STILL loves her.  And then he invites her to act.  To go and sin no more. 

This story helped me alot this week.  As a disciple of Jesus and especially as an official representative of the Lord Jesus Christ, i need to try to be like Him.  No matter how hard it is to love someone or how hard it is to forgive people or no matter how hurt you feel, the Lord is our perfect example of how to respond to others mistakes.  He is the perfect example of love and its not my job to judge or to add salt to the wound of another.  Im here to exemplefy good Christian attributes and for that reason i cant disrespect my calling as a disciple and a representative.  I know i have been called of God to bring amongst his people the Word of God and i want to fulfill that calling to my greatest ability by being and acting as He truly was.

Rocking the canadian sweg

pretty boy

bday breakfast

21 yrs old #yay

Monday, October 10, 2016

The Seasons Come and Go

The District and our best friend Dorina
-Got fed..Alot.....Because one of our sisters was leaving and they love all of us....Soooooo mcuh food.  And it was all so good!
-had some kinda tiramisu.  She knwos we dont drink coffee so she put peach cream in  instead and i will have to compares very closely with Mr Rolands Tiramisu.  
-Transfers happened. Im staying in Oradea with my kid Elder Trottier.  And that means most likely after this transfer i will go to my last city :(  #sadday  Its coming to an end :(
-it got really cold on Thursday....It rained and blew hardcore wind and was 3 degrees Celsius...#WhatIsLife??But we had some good contacting result anyway (story below)
-The week went by suuuper quick but unfortunately not a lot happened.  We feel kinda in a rut..Contacting isnt going places and lessons are dying off.
-Our Canadian (otherwise known as Northern North America) sister left to another city but she left us with some Canadian Sweg.  So we are all happy.  But we all miss her :(
-We set some goals to destroy this transfer with Gusto.  So i look forward to this last 6 weeks with my boy.
-Street festival went on all week and lots of good food and concerts.  Unfortunaltely all the good concerts were late at night :(
-fireworks woke me up at midnight...not fun...i didnt have the chef to go outside and watch them either..
-We went to Romanian Class and they wernt there...We were expected to know that because of the rain they wouldnt be held...No one called us either...So we went out of our way....for NOTHING!!!!

Oradea Thug life
So...Thursday was a SUUUPER freezing day...We had planned to go find some humans at the main center cuz there was a festival suppose to happen with foreign food and lots of goodies.  Unfortunately due to the blasting wind and cold rain no one was there..So we had to bravely feirce the cold at 10am to continue being obediant and "out the door" by 10 am.  SO we said our pray and decided to ride tramvais over and over for about an hour to get some good finding in.

And at first it wasnt going very well.  Imagine getting on a tramvai and trying to talk to people who are minding there own business questions about their religion or about themselves.  Ya..It doesnt always go well..Especially since you are in close proximity with other people so after one rejection, the whol tram gets on the defense.

But because we are missionaries and have the spirit of the Lord, we do it anyway, also mixing that in wiht my "i dont care what people think of me" attitude we got some good convos with people.

Now heres the miracle of the story.  So im in the back and i put my kid, Elder Trottier, in the front so we can talk to more people.  He is kinda scared cuz he has only been in Romania for a month..SO..Romanian...Hard to understand..But he does it.  A seat opens next to him and man is sitting in the seat next to it. I got the impression we need to talk to him. So i hope Elder Trottier gets the same feeling and sits. But he is just standing there.  And im hoping he sits.  But he didnt for a bit.  So i got his attention and motioned for him to "JUST DO IT" #nike And he hesitated at first but he eventually just sat down said "ciao" and the convo went great!  Broken ROmanian and Englsih was spoken and at the end of the line, we got off and i went ot go talk to him and see what the hubbub was.  He wanted us over for tea and to talk.  So it was a testimony to me of the scripture that says that God Chooses the foolish to confoudn the wise and the weak to confound the mighty. 1 Cor 1:27  Also reminds me that we are Disciples of Jesus Christ and were called to preacht he gospel and thrash the nations by the power of the Spirit.  His Spirit truly does guide his servants.

FamJam 2K16
Spiritual Thought:
I can always rely on Mrs Roland to give me good advice.  #wisdom  So this spiritual thought comes form a new missionary in their ward whos aid some cool stuff:
"A basketball in my hands is worth about $14 but in Michael Jordan's, it's worth $14 million it depends on who's hands it's in. A baseball bat in my hands is worth about $26 but in Babe Ruth's, it's worth $26 million it depends on who's hands it's in. A tennis racquet in my hands is worth nothing but in the hand of Andre Agassi, it's attracts many; it depends on who's hands it's in. A staff in my hands I can use it as a weapon to protect myself; in the hands of Moses, he parted the Red Sea; it depends on who's hands it's in.  Nails in my hands I can make a bird house, but in Jesus', he can save us.  We can put all our worries and doubts, frustrations and sorrows in his hands."

If we put all that worries us or troubles us into the hands of He who is perfect, he can perform miracles.  Think of all the miracles the Lord God has done with His hands.  If we continue to remember the power that the Lord has, we will continue to see those miracles that He can do in our lives and in others.  

Rainy Days


School bus food truck #mich

Rainy dayz

Bye bye #ciao

Saying ciao :(

District reputation..speaking another language...
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Canada rep...#thugz boy is a failure...#TheyreInformative!!!