Monday, October 3, 2016

All my Friends are #Heathens

I really miss TOP...I heard this song in LC Waikiki..It made me super happy!

Well the end is drawing near...18 weeks and im freaking out...#whatislife?  But im in it to win it #swagdaddyquotes and want to finish this transfer and all my others strong.

-Found a chill barber who cuts with Scissors..And he did a good job and kept my fro a fro.  So i can be lookin gooood. Hes cool. He is a pentecostal and we might go to his churches bible study sometiem to say "sup"
-Found some Romanian Courses.  She thougth we were retarded at romanian apparently and prepared to teach us the alfabet and definite articles...#life...Hopefully next time she notices we actually speak..
#haircut #sweg
-Went to our friend Dorina's house and she madee us some really good cabbage stuff and alooooot of Coke Zero..I got kina obsessed this week..She is like one of my favorite human beings. She is super nice and has a great family.
-We went to do some more english tutoring wihthe Alex and Maria.  MAria wasnt there but Alex's cousin was and we taught them and they did the "nay-nay" for us to show how well they knew english..
-At District meeting we ordered pizza and Sora Falkenberg made cheesecake......................I was about to die...ROmanian cheesecake blows....and hers was GREEEAATT!  Life is hype
 -We got dinner with some potentials from "english club" and that was fun.  They are cool and nice and pen.  Hopefully that turns into something.
Cheesecake makes life perfect
-MEt some australians who i was hoping woul listent o screamo music..They didnt..But they looked the part..
-After English class, we got some dinner before conference withsome investigators. That was always a pleasure.  Levi and Andreea are da best!
 - General Conference was awesome!  Unfortunately i got sick and couldnt pay attention to the romanian..So i dint get much out of it...So i will re watch cuz i loved what i did catch in between the turning off of my brain.
-Sunday since we had conference all day starting at noon we had the opportunity to go to Dorina's pentecostal churhc for a little before we had to go to the PH session.  It was awesome but just a rock concert pretty much for an hour and then some intense preaching.  Super cool just super different.  We got a cool potential named LAurentiu from it though and he is a super cool Christian dude.  Hopefully more news to come from that.

Im feeling pretty sick today so i am going to skip the spiritual thought kinda;

Spiritual Thought:
I know that Thomas S MOnson was called to be a profet.  I found myslef testifying about that alot this week and it was a great feelign to say "i know" and then at conference to be able to affirmedly say "I know that i KNow".  It was a blessing to be guided by a modern day profet and it always will.

Centru at night


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  1. Hope you feel better soon! 18 weeks! Make the best of it--you will remember this the rest of your life so take as much in as you can hold! Especially the people. 😄 You sound very happy this week. Yay!

    Love the pix and glad to see you looking so well and stylish.

    Love you baby boy.