Monday, October 17, 2016

Gusto Challenge

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Well hey everyone!  This week was quite da bomb.  My young little boy misses his mama (mission mama) and so we have been working htrough that ;)  But we are doin quite swell and it has been a great week!  GEt ready for 2 stories this week :0

-We received a lot of contacts this week from people.  We started doing a lot of english lessons for people and that has kinda hit hard with people and they refer their friends like crazy.  So that is super fun. 
-We taught a lesson to this guy named Claudiu who is super cool and invited us to his house.  Him and his BAE are super chill and asked us so many questions about why we are here and what we are doing.  #explained
-We started the Oradea District Choir practices this last wednesday.  So we are going to have members form the whole zone come up and sing a big Christmas concert.  Unfortunately i dont think i will be here :(  But we will see. We will sing songs in english, romanian and hungarian.  Itll be quite the sight to see :)
-We got bunged aloooot this week...Like almost every other lesson..So our lesson count was pretty low...But thats life i guess..#agency
-Met this cool girl from Iasi who helped us wiht our romanian and was really fun to talk to.  The sisters contacted her and she wanted to meet us.  So we met up and she was super chill. Missing already. :(
-Our church service was really small in persons but large in Spirit.   It was a really good sacrament service and i felt the Spirit super strong.  I loved it!
-Went  to a car show and met some cool swedish people.  They were as chill as humans can be.  #fun\
-Did service for a member here.  He wanted us to fix his broken shed roof...completely broken...We had to replace the beams with wooden planks and spare wooden pieces to last him until he gets money in a few months for the roof...quite the dangerous adventure...But super fun.  Reminded me of a science or math class.
-And last of all, im 21.  So i can drink now in America.  #cheers #noroc

Story 1:
We started this new district goal of setting our conversations each night during planning and when we are going to do them.  So we had 2 really cool experiences happen as a result.  Saturday night we set a goal to plan for 1 person to talk to on the way to church or at church.  And no one was outside when we were on our way to church....But the Lord decided to be merciful (as always) and blessed us with one person outside the church building.  A friend of a member who has come many times before.  I tried getting his number so many times before and setting up with him but to no avail...Today, however, we had a really good convo with him (Atilla is his name) and set up to talk about how our church started.  We got his number and we are super stoked.  When you show the Lord you want His will to be yours, then He will bless you for that effort.

Story 2:
We decided to set a goal to talk to two people during a finding session and said a prayer and left the apartment.  We didnt get any convos for a long time.  We tried what we could and thought of ideas..but nothing.. Eventually near the end of the session, i had the isdea come to mind to talk to these 2 older ladies walking towards us.  So i aslo had the idea to ask them for the best recipe in Romania.  And they told us Sarmale was and we had a great convo about who we are and what we are doing. Also they taught us how to make sarmale.  Even better!  Not wanting hte contact to end like we never tlaked to them, i aksed them if we made the sarmale if we could bring it to them so they could try it.  And they accepted and gave us their number.  We told them we would try to make it this week and bring it to them to taste.  So that was super funa dn a great blessing from the Lord to guide us by the spirit.

Spiritual Thought:
I have pondered alot about Christlike attributes this week.  I have pondered how i can respond to things that are shocking or things that might make me angry or sad.  I feel like i have had many opportunities on my mission to become sad and give up on the work or not even try and let my anger or sandess conquer me.  And i have learned from sad experience that that doenst help me at all. 
This last week i was led to read in John 8:1-11.  this story amazes me.  The pharisees try to trick jesus but he ends up teaching them a lesson that im sure many of them will never forget.  "He that is without sin among you, let him cast his stone first".  Here are a bunch of "faithful" people and they are ridiculing a woman for the mistakes she has made.  And Jesus askes them to look at themselves first.  Or as he says: "Judge not that ye be not judged".  Then afterwards, he forgives this woman who betrayed the love she should have had for the Saviour and his commandments.  Something that im sure hurts him inside and makes him disappointed.  But he forgives her and helps her and STILL loves her.  And then he invites her to act.  To go and sin no more. 

This story helped me alot this week.  As a disciple of Jesus and especially as an official representative of the Lord Jesus Christ, i need to try to be like Him.  No matter how hard it is to love someone or how hard it is to forgive people or no matter how hurt you feel, the Lord is our perfect example of how to respond to others mistakes.  He is the perfect example of love and its not my job to judge or to add salt to the wound of another.  Im here to exemplefy good Christian attributes and for that reason i cant disrespect my calling as a disciple and a representative.  I know i have been called of God to bring amongst his people the Word of God and i want to fulfill that calling to my greatest ability by being and acting as He truly was.

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