Monday, October 10, 2016

The Seasons Come and Go

The District and our best friend Dorina
-Got fed..Alot.....Because one of our sisters was leaving and they love all of us....Soooooo mcuh food.  And it was all so good!
-had some kinda tiramisu.  She knwos we dont drink coffee so she put peach cream in  instead and i will have to compares very closely with Mr Rolands Tiramisu.  
-Transfers happened. Im staying in Oradea with my kid Elder Trottier.  And that means most likely after this transfer i will go to my last city :(  #sadday  Its coming to an end :(
-it got really cold on Thursday....It rained and blew hardcore wind and was 3 degrees Celsius...#WhatIsLife??But we had some good contacting result anyway (story below)
-The week went by suuuper quick but unfortunately not a lot happened.  We feel kinda in a rut..Contacting isnt going places and lessons are dying off.
-Our Canadian (otherwise known as Northern North America) sister left to another city but she left us with some Canadian Sweg.  So we are all happy.  But we all miss her :(
-We set some goals to destroy this transfer with Gusto.  So i look forward to this last 6 weeks with my boy.
-Street festival went on all week and lots of good food and concerts.  Unfortunaltely all the good concerts were late at night :(
-fireworks woke me up at midnight...not fun...i didnt have the chef to go outside and watch them either..
-We went to Romanian Class and they wernt there...We were expected to know that because of the rain they wouldnt be held...No one called us either...So we went out of our way....for NOTHING!!!!

Oradea Thug life
So...Thursday was a SUUUPER freezing day...We had planned to go find some humans at the main center cuz there was a festival suppose to happen with foreign food and lots of goodies.  Unfortunately due to the blasting wind and cold rain no one was there..So we had to bravely feirce the cold at 10am to continue being obediant and "out the door" by 10 am.  SO we said our pray and decided to ride tramvais over and over for about an hour to get some good finding in.

And at first it wasnt going very well.  Imagine getting on a tramvai and trying to talk to people who are minding there own business questions about their religion or about themselves.  Ya..It doesnt always go well..Especially since you are in close proximity with other people so after one rejection, the whol tram gets on the defense.

But because we are missionaries and have the spirit of the Lord, we do it anyway, also mixing that in wiht my "i dont care what people think of me" attitude we got some good convos with people.

Now heres the miracle of the story.  So im in the back and i put my kid, Elder Trottier, in the front so we can talk to more people.  He is kinda scared cuz he has only been in Romania for a month..SO..Romanian...Hard to understand..But he does it.  A seat opens next to him and man is sitting in the seat next to it. I got the impression we need to talk to him. So i hope Elder Trottier gets the same feeling and sits. But he is just standing there.  And im hoping he sits.  But he didnt for a bit.  So i got his attention and motioned for him to "JUST DO IT" #nike And he hesitated at first but he eventually just sat down said "ciao" and the convo went great!  Broken ROmanian and Englsih was spoken and at the end of the line, we got off and i went ot go talk to him and see what the hubbub was.  He wanted us over for tea and to talk.  So it was a testimony to me of the scripture that says that God Chooses the foolish to confoudn the wise and the weak to confound the mighty. 1 Cor 1:27  Also reminds me that we are Disciples of Jesus Christ and were called to preacht he gospel and thrash the nations by the power of the Spirit.  His Spirit truly does guide his servants.

FamJam 2K16
Spiritual Thought:
I can always rely on Mrs Roland to give me good advice.  #wisdom  So this spiritual thought comes form a new missionary in their ward whos aid some cool stuff:
"A basketball in my hands is worth about $14 but in Michael Jordan's, it's worth $14 million it depends on who's hands it's in. A baseball bat in my hands is worth about $26 but in Babe Ruth's, it's worth $26 million it depends on who's hands it's in. A tennis racquet in my hands is worth nothing but in the hand of Andre Agassi, it's attracts many; it depends on who's hands it's in. A staff in my hands I can use it as a weapon to protect myself; in the hands of Moses, he parted the Red Sea; it depends on who's hands it's in.  Nails in my hands I can make a bird house, but in Jesus', he can save us.  We can put all our worries and doubts, frustrations and sorrows in his hands."

If we put all that worries us or troubles us into the hands of He who is perfect, he can perform miracles.  Think of all the miracles the Lord God has done with His hands.  If we continue to remember the power that the Lord has, we will continue to see those miracles that He can do in our lives and in others.  

Rainy Days


School bus food truck #mich

Rainy dayz

Bye bye #ciao

Saying ciao :(

District reputation..speaking another language...
My peeps #backpackers

Canada rep...#thugz boy is a failure...#TheyreInformative!!!

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  1. Great pictures! Canada rep is my favorite! Such a thug you are! LOL

    Wrapping things up in Romania, eh? I'm sure the time will go quickly, but hopefully will be packed with memories that will last a lifetime!

    It looks cold! I wish you could send some of that our way. We are still sweating our brains out in October! What's up with that? Maybe next month it will be winter.....

    Have fun this week discovering more cultural oddities. :^O

    Love and hugs as always!