Monday, November 28, 2016

The Iasi Pit

Familia Filip
So its my first week in Iasi and its great!  Lots of cool students, the internet cafe is baller (howies game shack on steroids) and my comp and i are rocking it here.

-I MISS THE POOP OUTTA ORADEA AND MY DISTRICTS THERE...#shoutout to my boy elder trottier and sora purtschurt...i love you guys ;( #ohmyheart And all the missioanries i served around when i was there..#shoutout Sora Warwick, sora falkenberg and elder hellewell (and elder cressman) ;)
-i got to stay in Oradea till wednesday morning, so i was in a trio till wednesday with Elder Trottier and Elder Cressman.  That was fun :)  All the dinguses in one companionship X) #life
-I took a plane to bucharest and then chilled there like all day until my train at 23:00.  I got to travel with the sisters in my city and we got to make some acquaintance until we decided to go to sleep.  #fun #unity
-Im doing round 2 with my old comp Elder Haws #armyman  So i might get a little jacked this transfer.  (probably not...) We tried running and it turned into me being a milliopn years away from
parks in iasi :)
him..but it made me happy to get all those hormones into my system and run in the morning.
-Its been cloudy here a lot so its hard to stay really energetic and happy but when we do it makes people really weirded out and friendly.
-We go block knocking (tracting) like everyday cuz no one stays outside.  Its fun though.  Block knocking is my favourite.
-All the elders in my district are old so we are all close to going home (except one, who just got here and is in his 2nd transfer) so its weird..and kind depressign but its good to jut go and get work done. :)
-My house is the top floor of the church and its nice and reminds me of a cabin.  I love it :)
-Thanksgiving we had an activity and i got to meet most the branch and less actives my first day here. that was nice
-the mall is amazing and i get a car as a zone leader :)  Super chill
-lots of their investigator friend s from last transfer were droipped cuz they didnt accept bap dates so we are pretty much starting from the ground up this transfer.  So its gunna be fun :)
cloudy dayz in Iasi

Story 1:

On the way to Iasi:
So Sora Nicol and Langenstein and I are waiting a t the train station and we talk for a while waiting for our train.  We lost track of time and noticed that it was 6 minutes till the train was suppose to we booked it to the line and got on the train but the sisters had to run back to the baggage claim and grab a couple more bags.  The train conductor lady was getting angry that i had all my bags and the sisters were going to get more.  So she was chewing me out and i just kinda ignored her so i wouldnt rip back into her.
When the sistersd returnedshe complained saying we had too much luggage and i said the train was leaving so we couldnt do anything about it and she started fighting with me about it..and so i shut my mouth and then started only speaking english and she got angry so i said some hungarian instead..that made her mad and then we got our baggage in our room and just ignored her cuz she was just making me angry and ripping into us for no reason.
But we got into our room and changed and set up our stuff and cooled down and had a fun trip up talking and stuff.  It was a funny story looking back X)
trio for dayz

Story 2:
Law school and Demon Chick
So Elder Has and i started using a survey when we served togetehr and we had a lot of success together as a result.  So we used the sondaj again and again this week and we have  had some more success if not more now that e  are even more seasoned.
Sunday night we actually met a college girl who was interested in learning more about our message and we taught her a lesson about the book or mormon on her doorstep.  We got her  number and were super stoked cuz she was super cool.  She is smart and studying law and is in her first year of law school.  We are hoping she will have a lot of potential and we are excited to start teaching her.
After her we met a crazy demon lady who thought we didnt know anything about the afterlife.  We were trying so hard not to laugh as she had "the grudge" playing in the backround and saying some pretty crazy stuff back at us as she took our survey X) We have a lot to learn apparently X) But thats fine i got 12 more weeks to learn i guess ;)
it was a good sesh of finding though :)

sadness having...
Spiritual Thought:
 Addressing the Elephant in the Room:
So this week we had our weekly zone leader call and we addressed a subject our mission is working on.  "addressing the elephant in the room"  More specifically, helpoing people with their problems and help them realize that they can overcome them and we can help them and God can help thyem.  The main focus is baptism.  That we can help them come closer to christ by helping them see our purpose is to help them come closer to christ by baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost and enduring to the end.  In my mission i have increased in my boldness as a person and missionary.  And i have seen such a differenc ein peoples lives as we are bold in extending commitments that WILL HELP THEM.  We dont just extend commitments to extend them.  We extend commitments to help people repent and come closer to God.  And i am so excited to just kill it this transfer and fnd some more people to accept this message and help Iai grow to its max potential!

Elder Crssman #thugz
i lready miss my boy :( #ciao
and his euro trash

goodbyes at the train station #ciao

not a hug



#cuddles #insidejokes #soraP

cabin house :)

the boyees

saying bye to sora cutler #ciao

mac anmd cheese from america

bread head

see ya in 12

luvs :( #B4L

Monday, November 21, 2016

Tender Goodbyes

Everyone im getting transfered to IASI. Super awesome!  And i get round 2 with my good friend Elder Haws.  We gunna kill it as Zone Leaders in the East zone!  I have officailly served in every zone in the mission and im excited to finish out my mission strong in Iasi. Pics of Iasi will come next week :)

-Twas a week of service.  We started off the week with a random call from a member to help organize the wood we brought in the last week cuz the woodcutters came. So more normal clothes X)  that was nice for about an hour.  Being thw eakest of the group, i organized the wood which ended up being the most dangerous job...i shoulda just hauled the wood...Cuz i got wood thrown at me instead and was hit many a time..many not so christlike words left my mouth..#sorry #honesty
-We didnt have time to go home and change so we did an english class in normal human clothes. It felt weird..
-We met with a friend to say goodbye.  Zoia is her name and she made us some food and we had a good convo with her.  I love that lady!  The people of Oradea are filled with love.  Its the best!
Sora Mogos <3
-Had a lunch appointment with Levi our investigator and had a lesson afterwards with him. It was a tender goodbye
-Tried helping a member with Family History and it made me so gratefulf or my dad #shoutout and his awesome ability to remember facts about our family andf the ease of finding things online.  Cuz in romania not a lot of stuff is written down so it is hard for them to feel that super converting spirit of Elijah #stii
-We finished the wood on another day with the sisters help so we all looked like weird american pentecostals walking to our service appointment X)
-HAd a goodbye visit to Mama Ana our wonderful friend and maker of amazing food.   We had a good heart to heart about how much this gospel changes lives. She expressed such great love to us and respect for what we do and it made me almost tear up.
-The tears wer just being kept in like all week and they started flowing a little when we went to our saturday choir practice and i saw a member from Arad who i LOVE SO MUCH!!! and i didnt get to say goodbye.  We talked for so long and i was so happy to see her taht my face leaked a little.  We talked about some event happening in our lives and it was a great blessing to see her.  Sora Mogos is the best <3
Bia and Dorina Fam jam
-I found out i was going to Iasi by myself on a 14 hour we had that switched and there are some complicstions..So i am in a trio with my boy Elder Trottier and Elder Cresman until wednesday morning.  So i can say goodbye to a couple more people. :D
-We had district conference on Sunday and i got to see like all the arad members and Prsident and Sora Ivory and lots of missinaries.  It was a tender experience
-We said goodbye to our friends Bia and Dorina as wella nd they gave Sora Purtchert and i presents.  I let out some tears again and was so sad to leave them :(
-And now its monday and i have to say good bye to some of my best friends in the world, Elder Trottier and Sora Purtschert #shoutout  They are rock solid reps of Christ and it has been the biggest pleasure ot serve around them. They are stuck with me forever and i look forward to Timpanogos and late night adventure drives with sora purtchert and all the Kanye with Elder Trottier ;)

Zoia <3
Spiritual Thought:
Sora Ivory at district conference shared something really cool:
"Lift up your eyes" was the theme. Many times we look at our lives and become so constrained byt he worldly things and we forget to "look up" as Pres Monson would say.  And we forget that when we focus on Heaven and all the things that are trying to help us, that we are a force for good that is unstoppable.  We need the faith to look forward and take some steps ahead.  Thats been hard for me the last little bit thinking that i have to go back to america and leave all the people and friends i made but i know that if i focus on Christ                                                                                          that all will be ok.

twinning sweaters #thugz

Mama Ana!  #flannels4dayz


new planner cover #thx