Monday, November 7, 2016

Gratitude + Attitude = Great Altitude

Elder Cressman and I
Well the month of November has begun.  Which means Christmas music!!!! #Yay

-Tried carving a pumpkin.  It was really hard to find any and we eventually went to a sleezy little market and found one that actually tasted really good :0  Eating pumpkins..#yum  But we ran out of time so we didnt finish it..:( 
-We did a Family Home Evening with a member, Sora Costea.  She is super cool and it was nice having an uplifting lesson adn then followed by many intense games of UNO.  #copyright
-We went to Cluj Napoca for an exchange with the Zone Leaders: Elders Miner and Cressman.  They are awesome!  I love those guys.  Elder Cressman and I had many adventures talking to people about Hungarian and finding people with Dreads and then meeting a guy from Moldova!  My heart hurt so much..Just hearing his accent made me miss Moldova ;'(
-We talked to an interesting man about God and the Bible and stuff and he just did the normal Romanian thing which is to TALK OUR EARS OFF..
-We taped a wire back to the ceiling for Sora Stoian.  #Gramma <3 She was gratefulf or that.  We had a good lesson with her too and afterwards she gaves us some apples and chocolate.  She is sooooo SWEET.
-We had a Oradea District Relief Societ/Service Activity that lasted all day.  We didnt stay all day but some people did.  They continued the toy-making activity that we started a few weeks ago and we made over 100 toys that one day.  It was great!  A geat spirit was presen and we met lots of cool people.

Spiritual Thought:
"...Live in thanksgiving daily, for the many mercies and blessings which he doth bestow upon you." Alma 34:38
Just cuz its the month of NOvember, i decided to talk about Gratitude!  But something we learn in this verse is that we should be grateful DAILY (zilnic in the romanian tongue).  It shouldnt have to be november to think of thanksgiving, nor Christmas to start thinking of Christ.  We should be in a spirit of thanksgiving Daily because the Lord gives us SOOO MUCH! I encourage all of you to look for the things you are grateful for and look for the many wonderful blessings that the Lord has given you.  Or as a wise Elder Soelberg (the Older) once said.  "Look for your Hand of the Lord moments daily."

Gratitude List:
-My District.  Shoutout to Elder Trottier, Sora Purtschert and Sora Warwick.  Yall are awesome and Im glad i can serve around you.

-My mission and its missionaries.  I have learned so much from the Romania Moldova Mission and its missionaries.  I feel like that every missioanry i come in contact with i can learn something.  The msisionaries in this mission are definantly the ELITE.  

- My Family.  Thanks for all you do and im grateful for the support and love yall send 
the indian 10 commandments are almost as good as Gods :0


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  1. I always love your pictures! Keep up the good service to others. It brings its own unexpected rewards besides feelings of happiness and helpfulness.

    Have a great week. Love you bunches.