Monday, November 14, 2016

Many be Made Righteous

Hey Everyone!  It was a good week!  And we finished pretty strong.  We only got one more week to go and then transfers!!! So wack.  I will probably be entering my last area...#Sadness...

-Met a baptist Pastor from Alberta Canada. He is living my life...He was led to be a pastor and serve the Lord in Romania and lives here with his wife and is trying to learn hunagarian.  He is just gunna live here till he feels the Lord needs him somewhere else.  Super chill..#jelous
-Tuesday was our miracle day and there is a lot to say. Say look below for more deets.
-Met a moldovan guy frm Telenes.  Super cool.  My heart hurt from hearing his accent.
-We had a lot of new english students join our advanced class.  Thats pretty mich.  Advanced is usually our smallest class..
-I have reached my 3 year mark as a member.  So thats cool.  I have been a missionary for double the amount of time of being a normal member.  So that is cool.  We  didnt do anything special on my "spiritual rebirthday".  Just a normal day.
-We made contact with a lessa ctive we havnt seen forever.  He seems pretty happy though :(  So we wont be able to help him come back atleast in the next little while.  He is cool though so i hope he finds the need for the church again.
-Thursday, i had kinda a bad day and we had to go home so i could talk to Sora Ivory.  She makes me feel like im on drugs when i talk to her X)  Shes the best!  Always brightens my spirits.
-We had handmade Baklava at one of our friends houses.  #SUPERYUM
-Followed by the best sarmale i have ever had at one of our other friends house!  #SUPERSUPERYUM
-It snowed on sunday!!  Like no one came to church haha X)  BUt the first snow has already fallen..Its gunna be a long winter...
pens in the hair #stil
 Story 1:
This week we stretched ourselves and looked for ways to have a good last couple weeks together as a companionship. We looked at our obediance and made some tweeks and also tried to find motivation to contact. Especially with the super cold weather. One thing we tried was some incentives, haha. So on last Pday we didnt have enough time to go to the mall so Elder Trottier could get a jacket for the freezing cold. And he had been considering one jacket for a long time but wasnt sure on whether or not he wanted to pay the money for it. But eventually he decided he really wanted it. So, on our monday night planning session, i told him we could go to the mall if we would hit our 10 meaningful conversations that day and get at least one really good potential investigator and some numbers for people. Woah...i have never seen so many miracles in ONE DAY!

 We made sure we had a good morning schedule and stayed obediant. However, we had a somewhat trial X) At 8 am we got a call from the security system for the church and they needed us to open the door for them. So, we were kinda bummed because we like our morning studies. But, we went and opended it for them and tried studying there but it was too loud..So Elder Trottier determinded that we might as well talk to the work crew if we were going to be stuck inside until they were done. We ended up talking to the youngest of the group and got his number cuz he was interested in english class. So we had a good convo and a number before it was even 9:30 haha. 
Eventually, they ended at around 11. We started our walk home and realized by the time we got outside our block that it was 11:15 and we still had 15 minutes til we planned to have lunch. So we decided to stay out. We both tried talking to some people but they were pretty rude in their responses. And we arrived outside our block once again with 5 minutes left. So we decided to rough it out and we started walking and heard a romanian speaking english to their friend so we asked them where they were from and one was italian and the other from sibiu. So after a little bit, they invited us to the cafe with their friend waiting for them there. We were able to have a normal conversation and it led easily into why we were here and we got their numbers too. They wernt too interested and didnt know anyone who was but they were interested in english. After they left, we chilled in the cafe and ate a little.  
A group behind us of students started talking in perfect english and so elder Trottier started talking to them and we got to know a huge group of cool people staying in Oradea. While that convo was happening, a man from the other side of the bar walked up to me and spoke romanian asking where we were from and if i like Trump or Clinton. So i told him i was here as a missionary and we talked about that for a little bit. He lives outside of Oradea but comes a lot and really liked talking to us haha. He gave us his number and said we could talk another time when he was in oradea. And i think he could have potential to be baptized or atleast lead to a referal. It was amazing, we were just thrown into a spot where we talked to so many cool people and made lots of new friends and a couple new potential investigators. Then at english class, we met even more new class members and the 10 convos where almost literally just thrown at us. We got a lot more than 10 too. It was a great day and we got the coat for Elder Trottier cuz he deserved it haha.

It was a testimony builder that inviting people to hear more shows the lord you are trying and he will give you opportunities just for your effort. No effort is wasted. The Lord does put you in the path of those that you NEED to talk to, even if they dont accept your message the first time you meet.

Spiritual Thought:
"For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous." Romans 5:19
I read this verse the other day and it hit me in an interesting way.  I realized throughout my mission that my influence as a missionary affects a lot of people.  members, non members, other missionaries etc.  Especially that of missionaries.  I looked back and the times of being disobediant sometimes left effects on those missionaries.  Also just looking at how i was influenced or hopw other missionaries influenced other missionaries.  It makes a huge difference!  One man can change many.  For the better or worst.  So my goal is to strive to be more and more obediant to be able to help many be made righteous.  Whether that be the Lord leading me to people who need our message or to the other missionaries who need to see a happily obediant servant of the Lord.

Bro and sis

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