Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Choose to Be a Wise Man

Our week was great!
-We had our english classes and we helped teach the sisters beginner class and they really enjoyed it.  We will probably teach beginner next transfer. X)
-We tried doing some secret acts of service.  We drove all the way to a less active members house with the other elders and dropping a bag with fruits, tea and goodies for the nice old man. He wasnt home unfortunately but we left the bag by his old rickety shack (tears..) and he thanked us at church.  Such a nice old man! ;)
-Then we also tried some more tracting at villas.  No one really gave us any heed and it was freeeeeeeezing. But we talked to a nice old man who we will probably help in the yard during this christmas season.  Dont want him to get snowed in if snow even comes in thickness!
-we had like 3 near death experiences on the way to galati for zone conference..that was quite fun. Sliding on the ride and almost gettign hit by cars..By the grace of God we made it to Galati with safety ;)  #happymomsarehappy
-We had our Christmas zone conference and it was great!!! We had the opportunity to hear from President Ivory and his wife and we also gave a presentation.  We talked about finding in the Christmas time and how to have a lot of fun spreading dat joy! ;D

Sorry its so short htis week but imma talk to people anyway on skype!  Get ready yall!  Talk to ya soon!

Spiritual Thought:
I talked with my President again (not trump but a little more spiritual) ;) (he might be richer than trump though?#maybe) And we talked about finishing my mission with strength.  I told him that i came to the conference looking for answers on how to not just end strong...to end REALLY REALLY REALLY strong so that i stay converted and continue to be a missionary back home.  And we talked through it and i shared some of the answers i felt i received.  And the main slogan icame up with was that i want ot be a Wise man (magi) even when igo home.  I want to follow their examples of knowledge, faith and diligence in seeking the star which is Jesus Christ.  I want to be led by the spirit to the places i need to go and help those i can before i leave.  So i decided everyday i need to focus on the ONE person i have to find each day and pray wiht all my might heart and strength to find him or her.  And that will be my goal even after the mission to help the ONE each day.  Whether that be my companion, friends, family, or strangers.  I am hear to preach the gospel to every creature and that includes after my mission.  TIME TO END STRONG





zone conf :)

selfies w/o me

Danube river


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