Monday, December 5, 2016

My Dad #InsideJokes

Sorry, this will be a short one.  Running out of time..

 -Well we start the week with some sarmale making :) #yum (cabbage rolls) they were really good and the lady was really nice!  #sweetness
-We had our english classes and one of the students we took to the branch presidents house for dinner and a lesson.  Pres stoica is a boss and his wife is too!  SUper awesome.  The lesson went well and we have given her ot the sisters.
-We went to Bucharest for an exchange with the APs and that was interesting cuz the APs are russian speaking form moldov a and dont speak we tracted their apartments which have lots of asian people there.  It was interesting.  Didnt do much for Romania day though :(
- We had MLC and talked about spreading the joy of Christs birth but also of his ressurection and how to do that (for more info see "Spiritual thought")
-I went on another exchange where we went tracting outside to some little villa houses..It was soooo cold..We still got a couple numbers miraculously though X)  And right as we were about to turn around, we got invited inside an older ladies house and shared our message with her.  She wasnt too interested but was impressed with us for being so diligent and she loved us X)  We are probably going to go bck and help her with the gardeen and also the snow when it falls.  It was a good lesson.  She wants to find me a romanian wife X)  She thinks i love romania so much cuz i already found one..i assured her that i didnt so she said shed help with that ;) old ladies are the funniest X)
-We practiced for our choir concert next week.  Lots of American girls witht he Iasi ILP program are helping us out a bunch so i hope it sounds good.  Imma sing a duet for Silent nigth :0 I CANT SING!

Spiritual Thought:
President Ivory talked this MLC about how to teach about 3 Nephi  11.  And i remembered another tidbit of my conversion story and its importance.  Out of all the reading i did before and after my baptism.  One of the first and most memorable experiences i had was from the first time i read 3 nephi 11.  In this section Jesus Christ appars ot the Nephites and it is a great part of the BOM.  And when i read this section i cried and didnt know why.  After wlaready accepoting a baptismal date, this section definantely helped me know i was on the right path.
I came to romania not only to spread Christs birth but because of his ressurection i also came to romania to share this message of the Book of Mormon and also of Jesus Christ.  This event has changed my life and i have had so manyu opportunities to share that story being in romania.  It has drawn me closer to the people here and i have been able to live in thanksgiving daily because of it.  I can say for myself that i am a witness that Jesus Christ Lives and is leading and guiding this church today.

elder baker is my fav X)

coffin baker

selfies for dayzz

a tank in the middle of nowhere..#thepurge?

scary dollzz

a handsome swaggy man indeed

stop taking pics of me!

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