Monday, December 26, 2016

Craciun Fericit! #Luvs


Christmas Eve at the Monastery
I hope everyone had a great week! Mine was superb :)

 So this week we had quite a few awesome things happen.
-We went contacting at the begining of the week since people would be out and about getting christmas presents.  We had a few good experiences but just a lot of hustling and bustling.  But we had a couple people who show promise (explained below)
Hawsome and Obama
-We went caroling the whole weekend and spread a lot of cheer. It was pretty fun.  :)  Romanians halloween is pretty much christmas eve haha.  As tradition is, they go door to door and sing carols and people give them money and candy and stuff.  It was fun to tell people that we didnt want money or anything and they were happy to see us too X)
-We got cussed oiut by a drunk guy..not fun..
-We went to lots of members houses and got fed a lot haha.  So much food!! #sarmale
-We watched Star Wars 7.  Its pretty cool! 
-We also went to a monastery.
-For Chirstmas we had breakfast and did our district gift exchange and then went to church. The service was cool and is always fun to do a special christmas program.  After church we went to a members house and got fed some more food.  Yum yum yum. We played games and had fun talking to eachother.  It was a good week!
-Skyped the famjam and everyone looks good.  Im Glad all is well.
-We got stuck in an elevator today..that was fun...we were there for like 20 minutes trying to get out...

So this christmas season we wanted to make sure we uplifted the members in Iasi.  We had a few experiences this week that were awesome and accomplished that purpose.  With 2 members we got in for the first time in forever.  Missionaries hadnt been in their house for a long time.  But miraculously we were let in and it was good.  They were really happy to see us and one of those members even came to church!  The other one didnt come but we hope to work with her daughter cuz she could be just what the church here needs.  So we can reactivate her and her daughter and it would be awesome!  We hope to see them this next week too.  
Another lady we met contacting.  We randomly stopped her and she is actually a member who moved to israel and didnt ever find the church there.  She came to the christmas service and the members were happy to see her.  Today, we had a lesson with her and her boy and taught them the resto again.  The boy could be baptized and things are looking good. They go back to Israel on the 13th of Jan so hopefully we see them again before they go.  We also had one of our missionaries here who is the only israeli missionary currently serving talk with her in hebrew and help her find a church.  It was a special experience :)
 One of our members brought his daughter who lives in Italy for school and she will be here for a little bit.  But she would be such a good light to her family if she got baptized in Italy.  So we are hoping something cool will happen from that.

Spiritual Thought:
White girl photos..
So i had one really special experience this last week which was really cool for me. So during this last transfer of mine i want to focus on finding " The One" and this is one of those experiences. We were contacting and we had a kinda rough 2 hours of contacting. Lots of people stopped to watch the video surprisingly but nothing too meaningful happened. Then the other elders met us in the middle and we decided we would leave and get lunch. Right as we were leaving, i saw a kid that i thought looked really cool and i had the feeling to go talk to him. So i bolted over to him and didnt know what to say so i asked him if he wanted to watch the video and he said ya sure. He is a high schooler probably in 10th or 11th year. He saw the name of the church and said "oh you guys are the Mormons" and so i said ya and inquired to see how much he knew about us. And he didnt know much haha but had read stuff online. We proceeded to watch the video and i invited him to learn more and see if he would like to hear about the special message we carry and he said "sure but dont expect me to convert" and i told him, oh of course not, we just try to spread this message all around and no one is obligated to act against their will and ya da ya da ya. And The spirit struck me super hard when he said those words and i think it was because those were the exact words i said 3 years ago right before i took the lessons. And look where i am now. So i dont know ho much interest he will take but in the least i had an interesting last door experience that atleast got me to ponder my own conversion again. I really hope something happens form this experience. I think he could be the One. It has turned me again to be grateful ot the Lord for how merciful he is and how he uses people to be angels for others.  I dont know if something spectacular will happen from this experience but i know that God in the least used him to help me remember how great He is.  And I cant deny the spirit i felt 3 years ago when 2 young missionaries taught me about our Saviour and i cant deny His hand in this work.  He watched over us and will continue to do so. 

Az Tag!

Watching Star wars 7!!


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