Monday, December 12, 2016

The Few

-I got a haircut. I told the guy to keep it a fro and to use only scissors, but he just cut it euro with scissors...It looks fine, i just wanted to keep the afro for home...#dreamslost...
-We made some treats for some less actives and none of the were home...So we shared the christmas joy with our own mouths.  Our mouths were very happy and singing songs of praises
-We went contacting and met some cool people.  Christmas contacting is literally like the most fun and easiest thing ever..cuz who doesnt wanna hear about Jesus at christmas time!?  So we got a lot of contacts this week and our district is killing it.
-The relief society had a blanket making activity for service and no one showed we ended up making it a missionary service activity X) and we stayed til we finished all the blankets..which took a couple we were at the church like all day due to our english classes, lessons and service and then we had choir practice...that kinda blew but it was fun.
-We went to an "african cultural event" to try to talk to people and it ended up being a deceiving proselyting activity for a pentecostal church in bucuresti..that was we didnt get to talk to too many people..but it was awkward for everyone cuz it wasnt advertised as a religiou activity so obviously no one took their offer to learn more about their message..X) it was weird..we felt bad for them so we offered to learn more about them cuz in the room of 100 people, only the 4 missionaries there rose their hands X) Sad day for the pentecostal church
-We went to a "business meeting" for some random group of young people starting busineses and sharing ideas and we met lots of cool smart youngsters.  So that could turn into a cool finding activity
-We then had our Christmas concert which was awesome!  SUPER AWESOME!  We have an australian named Elder Perret who played on X factor in australia and got a good score there.  So he is HEAVENLY.  He sang with my good ol canadian friend Sora Falkenberg.  So we hyped up0 the concert alot and got a good amount of people there.  And the music was awesome and my camera died halfway through the performance..:( so i didnt get my 2 favourite songs recorded..But the spirit was there and i think it will help the spirit of Christmas to spread in Iasi. :)
-We got to go misic contacting with elder Perret after the concert and we spread the christmas spirit even more!  He started palying with a little asian girl and got a huuuuuge crowd.  It was awesome.  And after she left we got a good crowd with our singing and stuff.  It was a great way to end the week with lots of cool people and good convos.  As well as a good amount of interested people to talk to as to why an australian who could be a famous singer by now came to romania :)  SHARE YOUR STORIES PEOPLE!  THEY ARE POWERFUL!
-We had a rap battle with the sisters on the way to the airport #elderswon

Spiritual Thought:
This video is so good!  Nuff said 



apron sweg

the author pose

cabin life :)

bake me a cake


the trio of michelin



fake hug

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