Monday, January 30, 2017

Only like 2 More of These... ;(

My Northern North American Bestie
Not a lot to report this week.  Imma keep it nice and simple.

We had the worldwide missionary broadcast and there were some changes.  We had the schedule change which our mission implemented one or two weeks ago.  It was just clarified.  We get an extra hour of sleep now.  thats nice.  I still go to bed at 22:30 just use to it by now.  And we have some other little flexibility things.  Not a big deal imo..
They also talked about how we only have 4 key indicators which is sooo cool!  So inspired and the purpose for new misisnaries will be so much more clear and helpful.  No more comparing useless numbers to people.  Its really nic

e and useful.
As part of the broadcast, we got to go to bucharest and i got to see some of my favourite homies :)  so that was nice.

Spiritual Thought:
D&C 88:34
"And again, verily I say unto you, that which is governed by law is also preserved by law  
and perfected and sanctified by the same."

Romans  4: 14-16 
"For if they which are of the law be heirs, faith is made void, and the promise made of none effect. Because the law worketh wrath: for where no law is, there is no transgression. Therefore it is of faith, that it might be by grace..."

 2 Corinthians 3:17
"...Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty."

Id just like to share some cool insight i received from my study of "law".  Just call me a lawyer now :) 
Well in DC we learn that following the law perfects us, preserves us and sanctifies us.  And i pondered as to why that is.  What is the technical process behind that?  Because even God has a method to his madness.  And Romans in the Bible talks so much about this theme of "the spirit leads to freedom and law helps us".  So during my studies i found these other verses that helpeds answer my questions.  Romans 4 helped me understand that blind faith or following the law blindly (as would be the Law of Moses) doesnt help us to truly excercise our faith and agency.  Your brain allows you to make choices and not just be an heir but a follower by choice.  And thats how your faith isnt made void.
Continuing, we learn the role of the Holy ghost is to sanctify and preserve and protect and comfort.  When we follow the law, we gain the holy ghost and are worthy to have him as our companion.  As we choose to be obediant, we are asking for that companionship and we therefore are made free and sanctified instead of slaves to our sins.  I know the Spirit helps to sanctify us and to be truly free.  That freedom allows us to be obediant and become better disciples of Jesus. Its such a great opportunity to be an official rep of Him and i am gonna continue giving him my all these last 2 weeks.

sooo high

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Monday, January 23, 2017

"Light Comes with a Positive Life"-Elder Day

Well it was a great week to say the least.  it went super fast and we worked hard.
-We had an exchange with my boyz Elder Wilkes and Elder Jardine :)  We had a fun exchagne and got into a nice gentlemans house and taught him about the Book of Mormon.  He was a very nice guy and hopefully we can visit him again and receive the same warmth we did the first time.
-We also went streetboarding alot this wek and found some more interested people in learning about the Book of Mormon.  Its amazing as you put yourself out there who the Lord will put in your path.
-We had our Youth Activity and it was fun.  We palyed some card gmes and had a spiritual thought on the For the Strength of the Youth pamphlet.  I also played our brnach president a few matches of ping pong and he is GOOD...very Good...and i on the other hand have only played for like 3 weeks..But i will maybe get better one day..
ping to the pong
-We left the apartment bright and early every morning at 8 am to go and study at the local library, coffee shop or mall.  It was fun adn we seee lots of cool people and keep our "lines in the water" all day long.  We have also started packing lunches alot and we feel healthier as well X) I also feel so smart studying at the library at 8am with all the diligent student teenagers X)

Sorry that there isnt a whole lot im reporting on..My chef levels for emailing have gone down and get lower every week...

getting bunged..two days in a row...
Spiritual Thought:
We had one of our senior couples husband die this week unexpectedly and it was very tragic.  I was really sad to hear it especially cuz it was in one of the little corners of my heart known as Arad. Elder Day was a diligent and hardworking man from what i knew of him and we all knew him as a wise teacher who was positive.  I really was able to notice his positivity and reliance on the Lord from one of our first encounters. One thing he said recently at a district conference was "Light comes with a positive life".  As we learn to be positive we have such a better outlook on life and i have enjoyed gaining such an experience in Romania and Moldova.  I have gained such a positive outlook on life to try to be a better expample for the peope here and the missionaries.  These missionaries and romanians and moldovans deserve so much for who they are and i love them so much.  There truly is a ligth that is in so many of there lives and my own light is what i try to share with those who need it.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Make it Happen!

Prepping for dat trip yo!
-We went to a lot of tea shops this week.  Its probably my new favourite thing to do. (i mean i loved going to a nice tea back in america too haha.  #thankyoumarcelle).  We went to a jazz trio concert thing and were invited by a friend.  It was sick!  It was a bassist and a violinist and a drumnmer.  They did like pop songs and some lindey stirling.  They were awesome! #michelin
-We talked to some cool people in some book stores and got some numbers to meet up later.  Hopefully we can get some tea with them this next week.  #avoid the cold
-We met some cool french muslim dudes while tracting and we can meet up again this next week.  It should also be cool.  This week we pretty much got a whole bunch of potential investigators and made a lot of new friends.  So life is looking good.  Having friends is good :)
Baba Baker
-We started english class again.  Not a lot of people came...So we gotta be diligent with finding more students...
-Our youth night also didnt take off too well..But this next week should be good.  We got the girls form the ILP america program which will help and some other friends promised to come this next week.
-Elder Brownell have discovered a new talent in ourselves..We LOVE ping pong..So we are gunna try to invite some people to our church for ping pong and get out of the cold that way hopefully. We are kinda pros X)  Not really..(not yet) ;)
-Church was awesome!  We had heat this week #yay And a return missionary graced us with her presence.  I accidentally announced the wrong mission she served in and like everyone corrected me at the pulpit X)  BAD FIRST COUNCILER! #mybad But it was fine.  I madfe a couple jokes and my life was saved.  Sora Loredana was a stellar missionary and gave an awesome talk on misisonary work which i think will help Iasi build itself and help the missionaries make Iasi super awesome!

Spiritual Thought:
"Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:31-32
Street boarding!
Something i have learned on my mission is the necessity of scripture study and acting upon that knowledge you receive.  Sometimes the knowledge hasnt anything to do with what you are reading but you receive revelation to help you during that study. This last week i had a cool experience to build my testimony of that.  While reading the scriptures.  I have been trying to study the bible a lot the last few transfers cuz i realized i have read the book of mormon like 4 times on my mission and the bible never in my life.  So i have studied it a lot and have found lots of cool wisdom in it.  But one day while studying i wanted to know how i could become a better missionary.  Specifically what i could do to help preach the word better to people.   ANd while reading, i had an idea come to my head.  Completely random and nothing to do really with "Apollos being a mighty man in the scriptures" Acts 18:24.  But the thought came that i need to carry the word in different languages till the end of my mission.  #strange.  So this last week i decided to carry not just a romanian copy but also an arabic copy.  And me and Elder Brownell gave out a few Romanian copies but also on Sunday shared that Arabic copy to these cool French muslims we found.  Now for the rest of my mission imma try to switch a bunch of languages and see who we can find. :)

team drawing
cold being

Monday, January 9, 2017

"Imma Get a Sword and Axe and Cut Your Face Off!" -Elder Baker

We are #EUROTRASH2017
Hey everyone!  I promise my life isnt in danger.  Elder Baker just got really emotional one day X)  I almost died of coldness though..Explained below.

It was a great week!  We did many things and had a COOOOLLDD week.
-The beginning of the week staretd with being a taxi service for Soras Langenstein and Nicol..Sora Langenstein fell on her knee and they needed us to drive them all over heck and gone to find a hospital and get xrays and to translate.  Thankfully we made good use of our time there and got some peoples numbers and it was fun to make fun of sora langenstein for falling ;)
-We tried going to peoples houses and shoveling out there yards but no one saidf that there was enough snow to shovel so we had to find something else to do.
-We went to bookstores and coffee shops alot this week. To beat the cold and make satan super sad that we wernt gunna give up.  We tried looking through some literature and ask people meanings of words and we had a few good conversations with people got some numbers.
-Also when it wasnt too cold, we went streetboarding and tried talking to people and that yielded some good results too!  We got a few interested people to talk to about the restoratiuon and we are hoping to meet this week and kill it!  #Nottrunky
-We met a guy who was in salt lake and wanted nothing to do with our message but then gave us his number and asked us to come over that was a cool miracle.  I wonder what we will talk about the next time we go over X)
-We went block knocking alot this week. Its about all you can do in the evening if you dont have any people to meet with at night.  And we had 2 good convos this week that were worth mentioning.  READ BELOW.
-We had our heat go out on it was really cold in the house.,.Even better reason to stay out! But that night the heat didnt get fixed and we slept in like -5C house..seeing our breath in our sleep X)  Then the next day at church the heat still wasnt working...So the members were frozen too and we grabbed blankets and jackets to give to people who came.  SUPER COLD!  But it wass good to see the faith of the few members that braved the cold snowy weather.
- We are focusing alot on finding youth and helping them have a good community in Iasi.  We played Munchkins with a friend we made last trransfer and some other friends.  If any of you rememebeer that game i played at the Rolands :)  Its just as fun in Romania :D So this next week we will be doing some more youth activities to try to get some more friends and so they can be introduced to us in a normal way.

Story 1:
So Elder Brownell and i had a good first day.  Energetic and fun.  We went streetboarding, got a bunch of numbers and talked to some cool people.  Then we ended the night with a good session of block knocking.  Not a lot of people opened.  As usual.  But eventually a few floors down, a middle aged woman opened the door and we went right in to do the survey that i like to do.  She had a bunch of kids toys everywhere and we talked about her 3 kids.  Her name is Semida and she is super cool.  We finished the survey and had a good discussion and then we taught her the Restoration and had a great lesson with her.  She accepted to take the rest of the lessons and we are looking forward to helping her grow and progress.  She could be just what Iasi needs.  We are hoping to set a bap date with her next week if possible.   She said she needs help finding a job so we hope that wer can help her with that so she has more time to meet with us.  But she is super cool and we are anxiously waiting to see her progress.

Story 2:  
We finished our week making a cool new friend.  We went block knocking again to finish off the night and make good use of the hour of time we had free at the end of the night. We had a different experience than the first one.  The first door we knocked, a guy responded to our approach with some english and i responded in Romanian and he asked if we were romanian and we said we were from the US and we went in to his house to do the survey but he said he didnt want to do anything religious.  So we made up a survey out of our mind and then he wanted to speak english as well.  He spoke very well english and he was a cool guy.  He gave us drinks and some left over cake.  It was very nice and we were super surprised because he was very against anything spiritual we had to share.  He said he is atheist and we talked about our lives and shared who we are and why wee are here.  We kept switching between languages and it got confuzing after a while.  He was super surprised by how well we spoke romanian and so cuz i felt awkward we started speaking more english to get out of the constant compliments.  anywho, he was really nice and he was definantely the one we were suppose to talk to in that block.  We got his number and hed love to get drinks with us.

Spiritual Thought:
Well thanks to my good ol bestes t pal Sora P, i have little scriptures written in my planner to help me stay active and reading from the good word of God.  And the one i read this morning, i really liked.
 Jacob 3:1
"But behold, I, Jacob, would speak unto you that are pure in heart. Look unto God with firmness of mind, and pray unto him with exceeding faith, and he will console you in your afflictions, and he will plead your cause, and send down justice upon those who seek your destruction."
The faith of us as missionaries plays a huge role in how we effectively do our work and how much the Lord can help us.  Through our faithful finding and diligence, we will find people to help in this cold cold land of Iasi X)  The Lord knows our struggles and will console us and help us.  I know that and i gain a stronger testimony of that everyday i stay in the wonderful country of Romania. I wanna do Romania proud and return with Honour so i am gunna give it my all this last transfer and keep on fighting tilll the end to find the One.

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The new comp elder Brownell

We were really cold and didnt know what to do with our lives