Monday, January 2, 2017

Anul Nou


-So we started the week with a dinner appointment at a members house.  Sora Lidia.  She is super sweet and sassy and sometimes mean but that maks me love her ;)  And then she invited over a member who lives in Israel who was home for christmas and her son came over too.  We ended up teaching the son the Restoration and helping the mother remember the importance of that message.  It was awesome!  here were like 6 missionaries there too so we had to make sure we didnt over power the guy so we made it more like a discussion and it turned out really well!  We gave him a Book of Mormon as a christmas present x)
-We went la tara with a couple that the sisters met.  hey wanted us all over for lunch and so we went there and they expected us there for longer than we had been informed (thank you sisters..) and we also were wearing pros clothes.  they wanted us to hike through all this mud and stuff haha..So we wernt dressed for the occasion but we still went up and had fun.  It was a good day and we made really good friends with them.
-We met a gentleman who let us in his bloc and we taught him about our church and we can see him again hopefully this week. His name is Gabriel and he is a pleasant older gentleman. He was the only person who let us in in the whole bloc.  SO that was nice cuz it was cold..
-We went contacting in a little tunnel underpass thing and we were having a hard time contacting cuz this gypsy guy started singing music down there..But near the end we eventually got to talk to some cool muslim guys.  It was super fun! hey were cool too.  I hope we can get to know them more this next transfer.
-I had pifite for the first time and the last haha.  PIftie is the infamous meat jello from romania that is pretty gross..imo..thankfully the lady wasnt offended after i couldnt eat more than a couple bites x)
-We figured out transfers and my comp elder Haws is going to the office..RIP...But my new comp is Elder Brownell.  IU was his ZL in Ploiesti so i know him a little and im excited to serve with him as a ZL andf with our sisters who are the same but were made STLs.  SO we are gunna have a fun transfer helping our zone and district grow in faith and work hard!
-We finished the week and year with a little new years celebration at McDonalds haha.  he only place open..and the fireworks were great!!! I love fireworks (and romania)
-oay, Sora Langenstein called us at like 8am and said she fell over in the grocery store and hurt her leg and possibly cracked a bone in her knee..unfortunately none of the hospitals are open...except the ghetto romanian she set up an appointmet haha and will get in soon we hope.

Spiritual Thought:
A couple days ago i was listeniong to a TEDtalk about rejection that we were going to use for our english class and it explained an interesting principle that the guy tried for 100 days.  He called it rejection therapy which was to get rejected every day for 100 days and kill that feeling you have of getting rejected and as a result this entrepreneur has had success doing lots of random things and helps himself understand why some things get rejected and others dont.  e and my comp were talking and we noticed in our missions we get desensitized but we talked about how much cooler it would be to just be almost dead to the feelng and ask people about some funny stuff that might work for finding people too.
So one of my goals is to work really hard this last transfer and i think that trying to do this rejection therapy will help even more and even make some things fun.  We started today by trying to barter for a piggy bank that the sisters wanted and it worked haha.  So we have been thinking of funny stuff to do with it and practical missionary things and i cant wait to see the results.  I know that when we put our best thinking and most fervent prayers to work our goals and plans that we will see success even if the fruits arnt shown.  And i hope to help my zone understand this and bring us closer together this transfer.

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  1. Love the TEDtalk idea! Let us know how it goes. Some of the pictures look like they could have been taken in Arizona. High desert looking stuff, eh?

    Have a fun and productive week. Love you bunches and bunches. <3<3