Monday, January 23, 2017

"Light Comes with a Positive Life"-Elder Day

Well it was a great week to say the least.  it went super fast and we worked hard.
-We had an exchange with my boyz Elder Wilkes and Elder Jardine :)  We had a fun exchagne and got into a nice gentlemans house and taught him about the Book of Mormon.  He was a very nice guy and hopefully we can visit him again and receive the same warmth we did the first time.
-We also went streetboarding alot this wek and found some more interested people in learning about the Book of Mormon.  Its amazing as you put yourself out there who the Lord will put in your path.
-We had our Youth Activity and it was fun.  We palyed some card gmes and had a spiritual thought on the For the Strength of the Youth pamphlet.  I also played our brnach president a few matches of ping pong and he is GOOD...very Good...and i on the other hand have only played for like 3 weeks..But i will maybe get better one day..
ping to the pong
-We left the apartment bright and early every morning at 8 am to go and study at the local library, coffee shop or mall.  It was fun adn we seee lots of cool people and keep our "lines in the water" all day long.  We have also started packing lunches alot and we feel healthier as well X) I also feel so smart studying at the library at 8am with all the diligent student teenagers X)

Sorry that there isnt a whole lot im reporting on..My chef levels for emailing have gone down and get lower every week...

getting bunged..two days in a row...
Spiritual Thought:
We had one of our senior couples husband die this week unexpectedly and it was very tragic.  I was really sad to hear it especially cuz it was in one of the little corners of my heart known as Arad. Elder Day was a diligent and hardworking man from what i knew of him and we all knew him as a wise teacher who was positive.  I really was able to notice his positivity and reliance on the Lord from one of our first encounters. One thing he said recently at a district conference was "Light comes with a positive life".  As we learn to be positive we have such a better outlook on life and i have enjoyed gaining such an experience in Romania and Moldova.  I have gained such a positive outlook on life to try to be a better expample for the peope here and the missionaries.  These missionaries and romanians and moldovans deserve so much for who they are and i love them so much.  There truly is a ligth that is in so many of there lives and my own light is what i try to share with those who need it.

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