Monday, January 16, 2017

Make it Happen!

Prepping for dat trip yo!
-We went to a lot of tea shops this week.  Its probably my new favourite thing to do. (i mean i loved going to a nice tea back in america too haha.  #thankyoumarcelle).  We went to a jazz trio concert thing and were invited by a friend.  It was sick!  It was a bassist and a violinist and a drumnmer.  They did like pop songs and some lindey stirling.  They were awesome! #michelin
-We talked to some cool people in some book stores and got some numbers to meet up later.  Hopefully we can get some tea with them this next week.  #avoid the cold
-We met some cool french muslim dudes while tracting and we can meet up again this next week.  It should also be cool.  This week we pretty much got a whole bunch of potential investigators and made a lot of new friends.  So life is looking good.  Having friends is good :)
Baba Baker
-We started english class again.  Not a lot of people came...So we gotta be diligent with finding more students...
-Our youth night also didnt take off too well..But this next week should be good.  We got the girls form the ILP america program which will help and some other friends promised to come this next week.
-Elder Brownell have discovered a new talent in ourselves..We LOVE ping pong..So we are gunna try to invite some people to our church for ping pong and get out of the cold that way hopefully. We are kinda pros X)  Not really..(not yet) ;)
-Church was awesome!  We had heat this week #yay And a return missionary graced us with her presence.  I accidentally announced the wrong mission she served in and like everyone corrected me at the pulpit X)  BAD FIRST COUNCILER! #mybad But it was fine.  I madfe a couple jokes and my life was saved.  Sora Loredana was a stellar missionary and gave an awesome talk on misisonary work which i think will help Iasi build itself and help the missionaries make Iasi super awesome!

Spiritual Thought:
"Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:31-32
Street boarding!
Something i have learned on my mission is the necessity of scripture study and acting upon that knowledge you receive.  Sometimes the knowledge hasnt anything to do with what you are reading but you receive revelation to help you during that study. This last week i had a cool experience to build my testimony of that.  While reading the scriptures.  I have been trying to study the bible a lot the last few transfers cuz i realized i have read the book of mormon like 4 times on my mission and the bible never in my life.  So i have studied it a lot and have found lots of cool wisdom in it.  But one day while studying i wanted to know how i could become a better missionary.  Specifically what i could do to help preach the word better to people.   ANd while reading, i had an idea come to my head.  Completely random and nothing to do really with "Apollos being a mighty man in the scriptures" Acts 18:24.  But the thought came that i need to carry the word in different languages till the end of my mission.  #strange.  So this last week i decided to carry not just a romanian copy but also an arabic copy.  And me and Elder Brownell gave out a few Romanian copies but also on Sunday shared that Arabic copy to these cool French muslims we found.  Now for the rest of my mission imma try to switch a bunch of languages and see who we can find. :)

team drawing
cold being

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  1. Great pix as always! Enjoy the tea shops. Warm and a great place to meet new people. Win win!

    Hugs :-*