Monday, February 6, 2017

10 Zile si Gata

:(  Well...The end has come and im pretty sad about it and to say goodbye to all my friends.  Even if it is but a short while for some of those friends, there will still be a hole in my heart...

-We had our last english class #yay no more english :) Not sad about that ;)
-We had an exchange with Elder Kohler, the AP.  Theres suppose to be two APs but his comp was a russian and ended his mission in the middle of the there has been only one AP for the last 3 weeks...Its pretty cool i guess.  So our exchange was us trying ot block knock and talk to people in the Metro and having lots of fun X)  It was a dope exchange.
-We had zone conference in which we talked about the new key indicators and the schedule.  President Ivory talked about teaching repentance and it was awesome!  We had lots of super awesome discussions and it was a good conference.  At the end, me and 3 others bore their "Dying Testimony" as we call it.  It was sad to have to say goodbye to lots of the people i really know and love.
-We went street boarding and had the opportunity top teach a good amount of people about the Book of Mormon which was fun.  Same with block knocking.  At the end of one of the finding sessions, we randomly started trying to get people on buses and other sides of the street to wave back at us and it was actually pretty fun.  We are thinking to go finding with a "happy approach" kinda like this and dong a survey of some sort and see how that goes. I WILL NOT DIE!
-At church, we had a new member from texas join us.  He is married to a moldovan and is living in Romania for the next year.  SO SICK!  another american added to the branch.  We look forward to working with him.  It sucks im leaving as soon as it is happening. :(

Spiritual Thought:
This spiritual thought is brought to you by one of my best friends, Sora Torres. She shared this in Zone conference and it really stuck with me this week.

It started of with an equation:

Me + More = Christlike

It based off the common lie that i will eventually become christlike as i complete a checklist of gospel goals.  I gotta read my scriptures, pray, go to church and be more patient, more loving, etc.  But, what we learned is that this is what Satan wants us to think.  What the equation really should be is:

Me + Christ = More

We need not strive for perfection and making hte gospel a "checklist" of things that get us to Christlikeness.  When we actively  choose to include Christ in our lives, thats when we become MORE.  We read the scriptures to become closer to him, not just check it off the list.  We pray to become closer to him, not just to cross it off the list.

This mentality has really made me question my motives for things and in the most recent days i have felt so much closer to the Saviour.  I know that He loves me and I know He loves all of you.  

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  1. The mentality of Christlikeness has really made me question my motives for things and in recent days I have become closer to Saviour.